Volks has several storylines or collections containing different dolls centered around a theme. They also have a variety of dolls using licensed characters.

CharactersDisney – Tokyo Boys StoryOath of the Silver CoinHarajuku MemoriesThe Dark KnightThe Maiden’s PromiseEchoes of a Beautiful BanquetJourney to Dream NightsJewelsNaval AcademyDollfie Friends YoNuiBoys Dormitory

Volks has produced several dolls based on official characters, listed below with their original source.

Disney specifically has done several collaborations with Volks. This started with Volks providing one-off dolls for auction at D23 and has grown into a full collaboration with Disney’s Princess Collection line.

Tokyo Boys Story is a story about… boys living in Tokyo, unsurprisingly, but also some girls and some living in LA. A contemporary series with styling mostly done by Salt Valley. There’s also been a chibi spinoff line.

Oath of the Silver Coin is a series about pirate crews and the navy that’s after them. Most of these dolls are released during exclusive cruise events.