Limited releases: Minoru Kamimura

One-off releases: Sumika 05/17

Related sculpts: Minoru Kamimura (SD)

Name: Minoru
Date: 05/14/17
Event: Tenshi no Sumika monthly release
Release Type: One-off release
Body Type: SDM B
Resin: PS Normal

Name: Minoru Kamimura
Date: 08/04/13
Event: Nagoya Dolpa 5
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Naval Academy
Body Type: SDM B
Resin: PS Normal
Parts: SDMB-L-02
Wig: Original style, 2 natural, SDM size
Eyes: HG glass eyes, ash with black line, 14mm
Clothes: Volks Fullset
Price: 54600 (tax included)
Includes: Student hat, student uniform, shirt, belt, pants, underwear, socks, bag, shoes
Comments: Re-released at Dolpa 41 on 04/28/19 (Best of the Best lottery).

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