As of 9/21/19, current Volks wig colors include: 2 Natural, 16T Cream, 613 Ivory, 60 Pearl Silver, choco Choco Purple, M33/12 Rich Brown, Smoky Beige, B744 Peach Cream, Cork Brown, Cinnamon Gold, Charcoal Brown, Pink Brown, and Biscuit Gold. B744 Peach Cream, Cork Brown, Cinnamon Gold, Charcoal Brown, Pink Brown, and Biscuit Gold are all heat-resistant.
Discontinued colors include: 6 Dark Brown, 10 Classic Gold, 20 Light Gold, 27 Natural Gold, 30 Brown, 100 Pearl White, gold Honey Gold, 33T Copper, 256C Pale Purple, B595 Peach Pink, and M613/100 Pale Ivory.

Volks releases a quarterly magazine called Volks News with – surprisingly – news about upcoming Volks releases and events. This includes Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream, and other Volks lines. As of March 1st, 2018, web versions started being released for better access. [s]

Volks changed their SD boxes to the drawer style with embossed Volks logos on the outside as of the release of SD13 B Eden in August 2008.

Volks occasionally runs limited campaigns for FCS owners to order extra hands, feet, ears, wigs, outfits, and option parts. These are limited to Japan only, and are usually fairly limited in what items are available. [example]

Frequently, promo pictures will include option hands that were available as an extra purchase with the doll. Original listings will have the correct, original hands.

One-off models available at Dolpas or other events open to foreigners may or may not be available for entry for non-residents. Policies about shipping or ability to use proxy addresses can change from event to event. Some one-offs that are available for immediate pickup are still unavailable for those living outside of Japan. If you are ever uncertain, ask the staff and they should be able to help you. [s]

Volks began doing Coordinate Models when Tenshi no Mado opened in February 2012. [s] These are sort of between limited and one-off dolls; they are “coordinated” with wigs, clothes, etc. The faceup, clothes, wigs, eyes etc are not unique per sculpt or doll, but doll to doll they are unlikely to have the same exact combination. All coordinate model clothes are done by Volks and faceups are general (not signed), unlike the one-offs. They also allow for “quicker” pick-up; I believe they are available directly at the end of an event rather than being shipped later. They are most frequently found at Sato or Mado events. Though they’re not explicitly marked as such on Volks sites, the Dear SDs are also coordinate model types, and come with certificates marking them as such.

Coordinate models are usually released in sets of about 15-20 per event. [example 1] [example 2] Typically they feature three to four molds, but the variety within an event can be quite wide.

In November 2019 Volks began selling Adoption Models. In May of 2019 Volks had begun a Farewell service for dolls, where an owner could turn dolls back over to Volks. It is unclear what owners would receive in return for this. Volks then takes the dolls, refurbishes them, and resells them as adoption models. These are essentially coordinate models, as they come with standard faceups, clothing, and wigs, and are available for immediate pick-up. However, due to the process, they are essentially individually unique. Known releases will be listed on the coordinate model page.

The Pureskin Bisque Kasumi dolls are not quite coordinate models, but not quite limited either; they are released in small sets (3-5?) during Sato/Mado events and come with specific serial numbers. They are listed under coordinate models as this is the closest to their sale model, though they are sold by lottery rather than as first-come first-serve. Volks lists them as “one-offs” on most sites, but as they are not unique in dress or faceup, this would be inaccurate. As of January 2015, those wishing to purchase must be VS/VIP members, be at least 15 years old, already own SD, and be able to sit for “counseling” of about an hour and a half after winning (presumably about care and storage of the unique resin). [s] The original pricing for these began at 200000 JPY and has since changed to 220000 JPY (date unknown) and 242000 JPY (late 2023).

FCS and Standard dolls come with Certificates of Authenticity. Coordinate models come with Coordinate Model Certificates. Limited dolls do not come with a particular certificate, though they do have a packet of papers detailing information about the doll. Standards started coming with CoAs as of Saki, Coco, and Chiyo in 2014; prior to this they also did not have particular certificates.

Volks occasionally includes order forms with limited dolls or Volks News to allow the owner to order extra hands or other parts. This has become fairly standard as of about 2014. Orders are limited to Japan only with the exception of dolls bought through Volks USA; these may have some limited items available as well.

If you enter a lottery for a Volks doll and then need to cancel the entry, you may be banned from future lotteries. In order to cut down further on non-payment for lottery dolls, Volks began doing authorization holds on credit cards and prepayment for debit and Paypal in April 2017.

Explanation from Volks about the sizing system indicates that a note with a B = boys and without = girls; i.e. SD13 = SD13 girls and SD13B = SD13 boys. Those with “共通” following mean it will fit either boys or girls. [s] A more in-depth explanation explains the following: YoSD = YoSD G, YoSD G Origin, YoSD Tenshi; YoSDB = YoSD B, YoSD Tenshi; MSD = MSD G small bust, MSD G medium bust, MSD G suwarikko, MSD G long leg, MSD KoTenshi; MSDB = MSD B, MSD B long leg, MSD KoTenshi; SDM = SDM G; SDMB = SDM B; SDC = SDC G small bust, SDC G medium bust; SDCB = SDC B; SD = SD G small bust, SD G small bust jointed, SD G large bust, SD G suwarikko, SD G origin, SD KyoTenshi; SDB = SD B, SD B jointed, SD KyoTenshi; SD13 = SD13 G small bust, SD13 G medium bust, SD13 G large bust, SD13 Tenshi (Seirei) [SD-B-10]; SD13B = SD13 B, SD13 B long leg, SD13 Tenshi (Seirei) [SD13B-B-02]; SDGr = SDGr G; SDGrB = SDGr B; SD16 = SD16 G; SD16B = SD16 B; SD17B = SD17 B; SDGOU = SDGou. [s] For the purposes of this database, everything will be listed with a G or B; i.e. something listed on a Volks site as “MSD, SDMB, SDC共通” would be listed here as “MSD G, SDM B, SDC G, SDC B”.

Yo-Midis are simply SDM-sized heads on YoSD bodies. So far, all Yo-Midis that have been released have come with order forms including SDM bodies for the relevant type (SDM G, SDM B with L-01, or SDM B with L-02).

Most Volks dolls are not available for unlimited ordering due to production capacity. In one example, after offering unlimited pre-ordering for DD Saber Alter II and Saber Extra, many of the produced dolls had QC issues and other DDs were generally unavailable as all available production went to the Saber dolls. [s]

Volks also has a standard clothing line called Tenshi no Koromo Standard (similar to their usual DD clothing line). These items are supposed to be “standard” like the standard models and thusly readily available at Volks stores. While this database does not usually note DD items, some of these may also fit some SD sizes. These Standards will be noted upon release like other clothing.

Volks regularly holds clothing charity auctions and gachas/lotteries with clothing, wig, or eye prizes at their Dolpas and other events. These are not specifically tracked in this database.

The Volks School heads (A/B/C/D along with Schulze/Maria, Rock/Margaret, and Mi-chan/Ta-chan) are all released seemingly randomly during classes/workshops. Confirmed dates can be found under their pages.

Volks will occasionally re-release older dolls at special events as a “best selection” lottery. [s] These will be noted whenever exact dolls are known. These are different than the more official Best Selection releases, where the dolls are re-done; they are simply re-released versions of the exact older doll (presumably kept by Volks at the time of the original production).

As of 2018, it’s been noted that limited dolls are frequently available past their original lottery. For instance, Black Cat Renee, YoSD Dai, Theodore, and Mia were all available for regular purchase at Tenshi no Sumika Akihabara in June 2018. [s] In addition, the frequency of limited doll re-releases has increased; for instance, Michele and Rigel in the Boys Dormitory line have had three full releases, two alongside Ernest and Theodore. Any known information about availability will be noted on the doll pages.

When SDC Kaede was released, a Smiling version of her mold was displayed with her. This head has not been released. [s]

The 2009 FDQ NYC Dolpa was officially cancelled due to flu outbreak. [s]  There were seven one-off dolls stolen from the meeting room in 2008, and it’s rumored that this played into the 2009 cancellation as well. [s] Limited dolls that were to be released at the Dolpa were put up on the FDQ site for purchase on 7/1/09 instead.

Limited tenshi models are frequently sold past their original event. For instance, in September 2012, you could purchase Shiratori White Snow Ver, Byakuren White Snow Ver, Yugiri, YoTenshi Nono, YoTenshi Show, YoTenshi Mamu Sweet Dream 2nd Makeup, YoTenshi Mika, and YoTenshi Ken at Tenshi no Sato. [s] Any information known about when tenshi were available will be listed in their page.

All “standard” tenshi models were discontinued in April 2014. [s]

During the Tenshi no Sato Spring Festival 2016, Volks ran a campaign that offered some Tenshi owners redone makeup with UV protection. This service applied to Tsubaki, Tsubaki Sweet Dream, Shiratori, Shiratori White Snow Ver, Byakuren, Byakuren White Snow Ver, and Yugiri owners. The cost was 11000 yen for the MSD-sized Tsubakis or 12000 yen for the remainder of the dolls. They would accept dolls that had been wiped or had custom faceups, but not those with customizations (eg. scraped, filed, etc). They would also accept secondhand dolls (those not with their original owner), but reserved the right to decline dolls that did not have headplates. [s]

The DSD line was probably made in response to the popularity of the Holiday’s Child dolls from Rosen Lied.

The one-offs released at Kyoto Dolpa 15 were based on the top 10 most popular FCS molds at Tenshi no Sato for SDM and SD. The ranking is indicated on the doll pages and on the event page.

Volks occasionally offers a “Dream Full Choice”, where the applicants are able to choose any mold, resin, body, wig, and so on that they would like. This usually includes selecting a faceup artist as well. Participants are always chosen by lottery, costs begin at 500000 yen. Confirmed dates: Dream Huis Ten Bosch 2008 2/16/08, Appreciation Fair in Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel 2010 3/13/10, Huis Ten Bosch & Hotel Europa 2011 6/24/11, Dream Satogaeri 6/21/14 [s], Kyoto Dolpa 11 Eve [s], Dream Hotel New Akao in Atami [s].

There have been reports of Volks Metallics eyes fading/losing color as they age.

Attendees to the Kyoto Dolpa 5 pre-event all received pink Yuu YoSD Tenshi wings.

Attendees to the Kyoto Dolpa 8 pre-event all received YSD-WING-04-Sakura (pink YoSD Tenshi wings). [s]

Attendees to the Kyoto Dolpa 9 pre-event all received mini rose wine bottles. [s]

Volks had SD13 B bodies and SD G bodies in PS normal and PS white available as part of the workshop available at the Appreciation Fair in Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel 2010 on 3/13/10.

Attendees to the Oath of the Silver Coin 10th anniversary cruise all received an SD-size masquerade mask in either red or black. [s]

Attendees to the Tenshi no Mado 5th Anniversary Fair received miniature message bottles. [s]

There is a Dollfie Museum at Tenshi no Sato that contains examples of all Super Dollfies released. See an example (the standard exhibit) here.

The first Sendai Dolpa was originally supposed to occur in August of 2011. However, due to the damage done by the March 2011 earthquake, it was postponed until the following year.

The Dollfie SMILE blog was specifically started to bring a smile to the faces of everyone affected by the tragedy of the March 2011 earthquake. It ran until the Sendai Dolpa, which had been postponed due to damages, started on 8/12/12. [s]

The money raised through the Volks charity efforts usually go to the Make-a-Wish foundation. However, they have directed money elsewhere, such as just after the March 2011 earthquake where they sent to the Red Cross and and earthquake recovery fund.

Volks have run programs through which owners submitted their dolls as models for official pictures, ex. Volks News pictures. Some of these pictures are therefore marked as “owner’s dolls” in publication.

For the Dollfie World Cup, prizes include getting your design made as a Sumika-sold item, cash, Volks points, and recognition in Volks News or other publications. Staff also compete for the chance to choose special one-offs at their store.

Most of the Volks websites were updated and changed servers in June 2013. Most sites older than this were deleted or moved, though some are still accessible. There was a second large purge of blog information and older sites in February 2019; most blog posts earlier than this and all event sites prior to 2012 were deleted.

Volks first began posting notices about recasts in October 2014.

On March 6th, 2016, Volks USA’s website data was deleted, including all customer information. This was shortly after the revamp and reopening of the site. The site was closed until April 8th to work on the issue. From discussion, it seems the problem was mostly with an untrustworthy web host.[s]

During Dolpa 30, Volks challenged the Guiness world record of ‘longest line of dolls’ with Volks customers help. Altogether, 3282 dolls were lined up and holding hands or linking arms! [s] See a news article here about it.

During the 6th round of Best Selection voting in 2018, Volks included a vote for original characters from their storylines that hadn’t previously been made. This provides an interesting picture of what some of these storylines may have planned. Included were the following:

Oath of the Silver Coin: Grown-up Captain Cecile, Williams’ sister Elizabeth, Williams’ fiancee, 2 of Williams’ subordinates, cook on the Black Shark, navigator of the Black Shark, fairy Lorelei
Tokyo Boys Story: Tsukasa’s sister, grown-up Tsukasa, Isao’s dog Jack, Yukinojo’s father, Yukinojo’s adoptive father, Yukinojo’s rival, Olivia’s fiance, Olivia’s friend, “onii-san”
– Journey to Dream Nights: Storyteller, Frog King (ch.1), Iron Heinrich (ch.1), Ogre (ch.2), Alain’s two older brothers (ch.2), Witch (ch.3), Cheshire Cat (ch.5), March Hare (ch.5), Caterpillar (ch.5), Blue Bird (ch.9), White Knight (ch.7), White Queen (ch.7), Red Queen (ch.7), Amy Curtis March (ch.10), Margaret “Meg” March (ch.10)
Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet: Minamoto Yoshitsune, Shizuka Gozen, Minamoto Yoritomo, Benkei, Kiritsubo Consort, Aoi-no-Ue, Murasaki-no-Ue, Fujitsubo Empress, Tou no Chuujou, Nagakura Shinpachi, Nakaoka Shintarou, Sakamoto Otome, Katsura Kogurou, Takasugi, Shinsaku
The Dark Knight: Kohya’s assistant, Kohya’s girl, police officer, police inspector, Tohya’s colleague
Naval Academy: 2 instructors, Tae’s older sister, Shizu’s loved one, grown-up Ryotaro, Minoru’s superior officer
The Maiden’s Promise: Daria’s fiance, grown-up Chloe, Liz & Chloe’s best friend, Liz’s father
Harajuku Memories: Grown-up Hewitt, grown-up Yui, Tony’s teammate, owner of M&L antique shop
Boys Dormitory: Elementary school
Other: Anais’ uncle, Elsie’s older sister, Heath’s fellow student, Michele’s first love, Magical Michael’s master, Magical Michael’s familiar, Toppi’s friend

On 1/17/18, Volks USA announced that they would be participating in every future After Event. [s]

Volks USA moved to 1108 W 135th St, Gardena, CA 90247 on 6/6/18. This is not a store location, just the headquarters, but any pickups would happen here.

Volks released a Global version of their VS/VIP membership at the end of May 2020. This coincided with the online Dolpa 43 and allowed customers outside of Japan to enter for one-offs and the Best of selection for that event.

For SD-F-100, Volks ran a contest for fans to submit designs to be sculpted for the mold. [s]

The Reika series for full choice outfits is named for the Reiwa era + flowers (令 + 花). [s]

Volks occasionally offers the dealers at their conventions an opportunity to get a one-off doll made specifically for them. They refer to this as their Dealer’s Beauty Up Course. This seems to  have begun at Dolpa 47. [s]

Volks offered a campaign in Jul/Aug of 2023 for Reitenshi and Seitenshi owners to get new bodies and refreshed makeup for their dolls. [s]

Volks offered a variety of items for the 25th anniversary / 100th issue of Volks News. At their stores from 07/15/23 through 07/23/23, if you were a VIP and had a ticket from Volks News 100, you could get the following items: Dollfie Size Ouen (Cheer) Fans, SD Omukae & SD First Guide Set, Kyun heart hands, regular heart hands, YoNui Komame plush, and Komame stickers. [s]

As of the SD13 G Elizabeth and SDGr B Williams release, dolls have started coming with “wig stoppers” on the head. This is to help facilitate putting wigs on and keeping them in place. This was added to the FCS system as of March 2024. [s]