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Basic Information

Volks makes a variety of resin and vinyl BJDs. This site only discusses the Super Dollfie or SD resin lines.
Tenshi simply means angel.
There are many different sizes of SDs. Their smallest dolls are the ReiTenshi (~10cm tall, permanently-attached resin wings) and SeiTenshi (slightly bigger, limited articulation). These dolls are only given away, not sold, and have a variety of head molds, wig colors, eye colors, wing colors, and poses, all of which are random. SeiTenshi were first released at Dolpa 12 in December 2004 and ReiTenshi were first released at the Thanksgiving Tour in February 2007. They have since been given away at every Dolpa and other events. These sizes are not listed elsewhere on this site, as they do not have official names or releases.
Volks’ tiny dolls (~26cm) are the YoSD and YoMidi. These are both on the same type of YoSD body, which can come in girl, boy, or genderless Tenshi. The Tenshi bodies have magnets embedded in the back and come with wings. These wings come in a variety of sizes and shapes, though these are not noted during releases. YoMidi dolls simply have MSD-sized heads instead of the usual Yo heads, and these are therefore switchable onto MSD/SDM bodies.
Volks’ mini dolls (~45cm) are MSD (Mini SD), SDM (SD Midi), SDC (SD Cute), and DSD (Dear SD) lines. MSD and SDM are very similar; the SDM body was released in 2014 and Volks phased out the MSD bodies entirely. MSD/SDM bodies can come in girl, boy, or genderless KoTenshi. SDC dolls are roughly the same height as MSD/SDM, but are a more mature body compared to the childlike MSD, and the proportions are overall slightly different. SDC bodies come in both girl and boy. The DSD line again similar in height, but is proportionally much more similar to a YoSD. DSDs cannot share clothing with the other mini lines, but instead fit more comfortably into SD-size clothing; however, as their limbs are much shorter, please use caution! DSDs are genderless.
Volks’ large dolls range from 55cm to 65cm. The smallest are the SD, also known as the SD10 or SD9. These were Volks’ original size. SD come in girl, boy, or the genderless KyoTenshi. The next size up is the slightly more mature SD13, which also comes in girl, boy, or the genderless Tenshi/Seirei. SD13s have generally been phased out for the slightly taller and more mature SDGr (SD Graffiti) dolls, which come in girl, boy, or genderless YumeTenshi. Continuing up size-wise are the mature SD16 dolls. Volks released one SD16 boy and since then this line has been all girls. The boys have a similar but larger line in the SD17, and finally a similarly tall but very muscular size in SD Gou.
Most Volks dolls, with the exception of some very old ones, come with headplates. These can be inconsistent, but there are some things we know: most standard dolls with headplates will have (year, month, “renewal”). FCS headplates from LA or Tenshi no Sato will have a serial number; F#### for Sato and TF#### for LA. Other FCS dolls will have the format; known codes include FA for Akihabara, FF for Fukuoka, FFY for Fukuyama, FGI for Ginza, FH for Harajuku, FHR for Hiroshima, FK for Kobe, FKZ for Kanazawa, FL for Lalaport, FN for Nagoya, FO for Osaka, FS for Shinjuku, FSA for Sapporo, FSE for Sendai, FT for Tachikawa, FY for Yokohama, and FZ for Shizuoka. Omiya is likely FOM, Utsunomiya is likely FU, and Seoul is likely FKS, although these are unconfirmed.
Modern Dolpa-released dolls will indicate the month, year, and Dolpa on their headplate; for main Dolpa and for other Dolpa. Sometimes the Dolpa number is indicated, but sometimes it’s not. Some one-offs simply have the headplate “ONEOFF” while others will have event, standard, or FCS headplates like above. Sato one-offs additionally can have plates of O####. Coordinate models have CN-MODEL and DearSD have DEARSD. Tenshi are numbered with a letter (usually L, although possibly also S) and then a 4-digit number. Other known headplates include: (limited dolls), yy.SCHOOL (some school dolls, although most come without headplates), (Osaka Hometown Dolpa), (New York Dolpa), (Huis Ten Bosch), (sold with the Super Dollfie Bible), (Kyoto Sky Channel), (Cruise), (some limited first releases for standards ex. Hisui), XMAS02## (Christmas releases), C P G/R ## (Shinku), SDPHOTOYAD## and SDPHOTOAYS## (sold with the Another Yourself photobooks), and PSBISQUEX### (for the Bisque dolls). [s] [s]
Volks has several different resin colors. In Oldskin, there were three: white, beauty white, and normal. In Pureskin, there are nine: white, beauty white, alabaster, normal/fair, pinkish fair, sunlight/tan, shadow/bronze, ebony/amber, and bisque. The first listed name was used from the PS release through early 2019, when Volks announced a name change in Volks News 82; these are the same resin, just renamed. [s] In the database, things prior to February 2019 will be listed under the original names, and after it with the new ones. White is a pinkish-white while beauty white is more of a yellow-white or ivory; white has also been known as snow white or FCS white. Pinkish fair was released in November 2019 with Rapunzel and alabaster in July 2020 with Cinderella; these are so far unique. Bisque is some type of new resin-clay mixture where the faceup is fired into the doll; calling it a “color” of pureskin isn’t quite accurate, but it is how Volks refers to it. [s] The color itself is somewhere between white and normal and the weight is very similar to pureskin resin, but there is an extra texture on the surface that may be the bisque treatment Volks is referring to.
As of 10/7/18, PS Ever Beauty was made available at Tenshi no Sato for ordering. This is a new resin type developed by Volks and Virginal Arts that is reported as having a much lower rate of yellowing versus regular PS while retaining the look, feel, and ability to be repainted of regular PS. [s] PSEB can be ordered in White, Normal/Fair, or Sunlight/Tan skin. [s]
Most Volks dolls are equipped with the One Touch system, wherein hands and feet are strung to the elastic with S-hooks rather than directly hooking onto the elastic. This allows the owner to easily swap hands and feet without restringing. Older dolls will not have this system, and the DSD line also does not.
Volks dolls are stamped on the inside with Volks stamps and a mold number. This mold number could conceivably be used to identify dolls (and resculpts or mold changes), but information on these is difficult to find. Any known information will be noted. From current information, we would guess that prior to the pureskin revamp, numbers were not very consistent. After that, they have seemed to remain fairly steady.
Volks does run a continuing trade-in service where owners can apply for new parts for a fee. More information can be found here. Even one-offs can be replaced with newly redone makeup. However, there is a long list of parts that cannot be replaced, mostly licensed headmolds, school headmolds and unique molded parts (such as Cecile’s scarred arm). Campaigns listed below are usually for new listings for the overall program, and will sometimes accept things beyond the normal scope (ex. oldskin parts). More information on exact parts that can be replaced and the price to do so can be seen here. However, note that Volks will usually not replace parts for secondhand or international dolls. As of 03/10/19, dolls brought in for trade-in or satogaeri services must have headplates, due to continuing recast issues. They will investigate lost headplate cases on an individual basis. [s]
For almost all sizes, L-01 is normal legs and L-02 is long legs. The only exception is SDGr B, where L-01 is the longer original Graffiti legs, L-02 is the shorter 13 renewal Graffiti legs, and L-03 is the longer 13 renewal Graffiti legs.

Model Updates & Campaigns

To note: One-offs and re-releases may not receive updates exactly within these dates. For instance, Bianca and Rose, who were a Momoko re-release in 2008, did not have magnetic headcaps.
Volks began using airbrushing for faceups in 2002. [s]   Headcaps were added in 2002/2003.
Volks phased out the Oldskin resin in 2003-2004. The first Pureskin dolls were released during Dolpa 9 in May 2003, and by the end of the year most dolls were Pureskin. Standard models were switched to Pureskin at the Standard Fair in October 2004, which was also the last time limited dolls were released in Oldskin. The only Oldskin dolls released after this were the first release of the School dolls Schulze & Maria at Kyoto Dolpa 3 in March 2005.
The original pureskin SD13 B body had some issues standing due to the knee joint. The new joints were first seen on Captain Cecile in October 2003, but his knees were molded slightly differently than further releases. The first release of the regular new knees was in December 2003 with the Korean Dolpa Sweet Dream Lucas.
The original pureskin SD bodies had some issues with standing and had less realistic knees. However, this body was gradually phased out and a newer version, with better stability and more realistic looking knees, was brought in. It is sometimes called the ‘real knees’ pureskin body to differentiate from the original. The new body was first released in August 2004 with Anais Ver 2.
In October 2004, the FCS system received a massive revamp and all mold numbers were changed. Some molds were retired, some were renumbered, and new molds were released. You can see more information on the FCS info page.
Volks began using KIPS in their limited dolls as of the release of the SD16 B Yukinojo Sawaragi in December 2005.
The standard Tenshi models at Tenshi no Sato were upgraded to UV protect resin at the Tenshi no Sato 3rd Anniversary Fair in March 2007.
During the Sumika Standard Fair 2008, all of the MSD, SD and SD13 standard models were ‘renewed’. They were all upgraded to UV Protect Pure Skin (previously only Mark and Elena had UV Protect), they all added KIPS joint sheets as a standard (in pure skin normal colour), they all added the ‘Schpitt Function’ in their head (this is the magnets that allow the head caps to be easily removed), all of the SD and SD13 were given new renewal faceups which now come UV Coated, and their packaging was upgraded to the new ‘drawer’ style boxes that were first released with SD13 LE Eden. The prices were also all slightly raised. However, the MSD and SD no longer came with eyelashes – only the renewed SD13 still had eyelashes.
The SD17 B knees were updated with the release of Williams in October 2009. A campaign was run in 2010 to allow older owners to get the knees updated – new bodies were 21000 yen. [s]
During the Sumika Standard Fair 2010, owners were allowed to trade in their old standard dolls (including Oldskin dolls) for new ones. It is unknown whether this included a fee. Dolls were returned in Pureskin and with the newest makeup set available (2010 version for those that were renewed, 2008 version for those who were not).
With the release of YoSD Tenshi Tsugumi and Konomi in October 2010, the YoSD Tenshi body was updated. It seems that this was some joint updating. [s]
In December 2010, Volks released the SDGr G body on a test basis for owner “monitoring”, wherein they were looking for feedback about the new body. It’s unknown if they changed the design later or replaced these early bodies.
Starting in January 2011, Volks was offering a trade-in service for the SDGr B bodies. They had begun offering SDGr B as a Tenshi no Sato FCS option, and it sounds like they had made some joint changes throughout the year. It is unknown whether this was run like some of their other campaigns (with a trade-in fee for a new body/parts) or if it was a straight trade-in. Some limited models were not accepted for trade-in options.
In December 2011, Volks released the SDGou body on a test basis for owner monitoring, looking for feedback about the new body. Bodies were delivered at Dolpa 26 and owners were to meet a week later (12/24). The bodies were returned at this time. Some of the qualifications to be a monitor owner included having owned SDs for three or more years and owning 5 or more different types of SDs, SDC size and above.
With the release of SD16 Megu at Kyoto Dolpa 9 in March 2012, the SD16 A-02 shoulders/arms were released. These are “rounder” shoulders, making them slimmer by redoing the shoulder joint so the upper joint piece is no longer necessary. The elbows were changed to double-jointed ones and the lower arm mold was also changed. These A-02 arms are interchangeable with the A-01.
During the September 2012 Sumika Fair, Volks ran a campaign for YoSD owners to receive the rejointed bodies (the updates made with Tsugumi & Konomi). Owners could turn in any YoSD body, including tenshi but excluding origin bodies, for a new body. During the campaign (through January 2013), the price for this was 26250 yen, tax included. Afterwards, this service was still available for 35490 yen per exchange (tax included). Heads, headcaps, and tenshi wings could not be exchanged. [s]
With the release of Mina and May at the Osaka Dolpa 8 in August 2014, Volks made some improvements to the SDC girl body. This came with a variety of joint updates. [s] There has not been an SDC boy release since this update.
During the September 2014 Sumika Fair, Volks offered a trade-in service to upgrade SD13 B (including Seirei) to SDGr B. PS Normal, PS White, and PS Sunlight bodies were accepted and returned with the same resin as traded in; all bodies were changed to L-02 long legs. Some things could not be traded in: other resins, including PS Ebony and Oldskin; limited hand parts, including sword or gun hands; and limited body parts, including Captain Cecile’s scarred arm. The cost for this service was 67000 yen. [s]
The SD-A-03 double-jointed arms were first released with Charlotte and Lieselotte Best of the Best Ver during Dolpa 32 in December 2014.
The SD16 G body changed to double-jointed knees on 5/6/15 with the release of Ami Ayase Tokyo ’15 S/S at Dolpa 33. [s]
During the September 2015 Sumika Fair, Volks offered a trade-in service to upgrade MSD bodies to the new SDM bodies. This included all MSD boy, girl, and tenshi bodies in PS White, PS Normal, PS Sunlight, and Oldskin. The returned SDM bodies would match the trade-in in terms of body, arm, leg, and skin options, though Oldskin would be updated to the correct PS equivalent. MSD Tenshi trade-ins could choose SDM boy or SDM girl small bust for the chest option, and it was noted that suwarikko legs were incompatible with the SDM tenshi bodies. This service was 31000 yen. [s]
In the FCS system, MSD bodies & heads were replaced by SDM bodies. The head molds have been renamed but are the same – MSD-F-01 is the same as SDM-F-01. SDM bodies were originally released in June 2014 and the MSD bodies were completely discontinued by Jun 2016.
Volks released new makeup for some of the Tenshi dolls during the Spring 2016 Fair at Tenshi no Sato. New faceups were 11000 for the KoTenshi and 12000 for the rest. The applicable heads are: Tsubaki, Tsubaki Sweet Dream, Byakuren (SD), Byakuren (SD) White Snow Ver, Shiratori (SD), Shiratori (SD) White Snow Ver, and Yugiri. [s]
The SD boy body was updated with a new torso on 3/13/16 and released with the Michele and Rigel boys at Kyoto Dolpa 13. These also showcased a new arm (SD-A-05, muscular forearms) and new hands (SD-H-13).
The standard bodies were upgraded to double-jointed elbows (SD-A-03) with the release of Mel, Mai, and Nico in September 2017.
During the September 2017 Sumika Fair, Volks offered a trade-in service for all SD and SD13 bodies (including tenshi bodies, but excluding SD13 boys) to upgrade to the new double-jointed arms or muscular forearms arms (SD-A-03 through SD-A-06). There were two options: full-body trade-ins (42800 yen) and arm-only trade-ins (7000 yen). Full-body trade-ins received entirely new SD or SD13 bodies with the same parts as the traded body, with the exception of the new arm parts. Oldskin bodies were also accepted, but those were fully upgraded to new pureskin bodies – origin body for the SD girls, SD-B-04 for the SD boys, and SD-B-06 through SD-B-08 for the SD13 girls as applicable to their bust size. [s]
For Dolpa 38 on 12/17/17, the new SDGr13 B body was released with the Theo and Ernest boys. This was intended as a model closer in style to the SD13 B but with the jointing and flexibility of the SDGr. This included the newer double-jointed elbows, a completely redone torso, and new graffiti leg parts (SDGrB-L-02) which match the height of the original SD13 B. This body is considered by Volks to be a type of SDGr B body, and as such is frequently indicated as just “SDGr B”.
The DSD line was officially added to the parts replacement program on 9/15/18. Previously they had been under the SD line, and it’s unknown as to whether their unique parts were able to be replaced at all at that time.
During the 2018 Sumika Fair on 09/15/18, Volks offered a trade-in service where current FCS owners would be able to get magnets put into their headcaps to use with the new magnetic ears and horns. This service was 4500 yen. [s] Given this, it can be assumed that FCS ordered after this time period come with the headcap magnets standard. It is unknown whether standard or limited sculpts currently come with these magnets.
From Oct 2019 through Jan 2020, Volks ran a campaign for YoSD owners to receive rejointed bodies including the joint updates from Tsugumi and Konomi as well as the double-jointed arms first seen with Dai and Mako. Owners could turn in any pureskin YoSD body, including tenshi but excluding origin bodies, for a new body. During the campaign, the price for this was 25000 yen, tax not included. This included the body only and heads, headcaps, wings, hands, and other accessories were not included. [s]
A renewal version of the YoSD body was once again released in August 2023 with the YoSD Luna and Lieselotte. These new bodies are resculpted and have various joint updates. [s] This new body will still fit all older YoSD clothes, heads, etc. and has the same hands and feet as before. [s]


Official Volks measurements for wigs are: SD 23.5 cm (~9.25″) [for all sizes SD and above], DD 22.5cm (~8.86″) [for all sizes SD and above], MSD 19cm (~7.48″) [for MSD and SDM], SDC 16.5cm (~6.50″) [for SDC and YoSD]. There have also been several releases of SDM wigs, which are slightly smaller than the MSD wigs and made to fit MSD/SDM heads.
Official SD G (small bust) measurements: height 55cm, bust 23.7cm, waist 20.5cm, hip 24.5cm, arm length 17.5cm, leg length 26cm, feet length 6.5cm, feet width 3cm
Official DSD measurements: height 43cm, bust 21cm, waist 19.5cm, hip 23cm, arm length 13cm, leg length 17.5cm, feet length 6cm, feet width 2.5cm

YoSD measurements: height 26cm, head circumference 17.5cm, bust/chest 14.5cm, waist 13cm, hip 15cm, shoulder width 7.5cm, arms w/hands 9.8cm, hip to foot legs 13.5cm, front neck to crotch 10cm, foot length 4cm
MSD G Measurements: Height: 43cm, head circumference 20cm, neck circumference 7.5cm, bust 18cm, shoulder width 7cm, waist 14.5cm, hip 19cm, arm length (no hands) 13.5cm, wrist 5.2cm.
MSD B Measurements: Height 43cm, head 7.5″, neck 8cm, shoulder width 10cm, chest 18.5cm, arm 13.5cm, wrist 6.5cm, waist 15.5cm, hips 19.2 cm, back 10cm, legs 24cm, ankle 8cm, foot 6cm
MSD heights: Schulze 42.5cm; Hewitt 42cm, Hisui 41.5cm
MSD feet are roughly 5.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide
SDC G measurements: height 16.5″, bust 6.75″, waist 5.5″, hip 7.5″, bicep 2.5″, elbow 2.5″, elbow flexed 3″, thigh 4 3/8″, knee 3″, knee flexed 4.5″, ankle 2.5″, around heel & front of foot w/foot pointed 3.5″, neck 3.25″, front shoulder width 2 1/8″, back shoulder width 2 3/8″, neck to bust point 1.75″, bust point to bust point 1.5″, neck to waist 3.5″, back neck to floor 14″, front neck to floor 13.75″, waist to floor 11.5″, hip to floor 10″, inseam 8.5″, girth 13.25″, shoulder to elbow 2.5″, shoulder to wrist 4.75″, shoulder to wrist bent 5 3/8″, mid-back neck to wrist 7″, wig 7″
SDC B Measurements: height 17.25″, head circumference 7.5″, neck circumference 3.25″, shoulders 4″, chest 7.25″, waist 5.75″, hips 7.5″, waist to crotch 2.5″, shoulders to waist 3.5″, arm length 5″, arm circumference 2.5″, wrist circumference 2.25″, inseam 8″, thigh circumference 4.25″, ankle circumference 2.75″, foot length 2.25″
SDC B Measurements: Height 45cm, head 7.5″, neck 8.5cm, shoulder width 10.5cm, chest 19cm, arm 14cm, wrist 6.5cm, waist 15.2 cm, hips 19cm, back 10cm, legs 25cm, ankle 8cm, foot 6.5cm
SD oldskin bodies are about 57cm tall. SD pureskin bodies are about 55cm.
New SD B bodies (SD-B-11) Measurements: neck circumference 9cm, chest circumference 22cm, waist circumference 20cm, hip circumference 24cm, wrist circumference 5cm, thigh circumference at widest point 14.5cm, thigh circumference just above knee 10.5cm, shoulder width 12cm, top of shoulder to crotch 19cm, arm length shoulder to wrist 17cm straight (13cm at 90 degree bend, 16cm at slight bend), inseam 25cm [s]
SD13 pureskin bodies are about 56.5cm.
Neck circumference for pureskin SD/SD13 girls is 9.5cm.
Kyotenshi body neck measurement: 9.5cm
SD16 G feet measurements: flats are 6.7cm L x 2.6cm W; heels are 7.5cm L x 2.6cm W and have about a 3cm rise. The second toe is actually longer than the big toe.

Sculpt Comparisons

Several “pairs” of Volks sculpts have been released where the mold is the same but the resin color is different. Iris is normal, Johanna is white; Kurumi is normal, Miruku is white; Lorina is normal, Alice is white; Lucas is normal, Chris is white; Una is a white version of the Four Sisters sculpt; Tohya is normal, Kohya is white; Irvin is ebony, Kaelin is white.
There are a large set of Volks sculpts that share the same headmolds. All sculpts sharing the same mold will be listed on a page.
As far as head sizes and swapping are concerned: MSD and SDM heads are entirely interchangeable. SDC heads are also extremely similar. SD, SD13, and Dear SD heads are all entirely interchangeable. SDGr, SD16, SD17, and SDGou heads are also extremely similar. Yo-Midis are simply MSD-sized heads on YoSD bodies.
Nana, Kira, Sara, and Megu are known as the “four sisters” – they are all the same mold. This is true for Yo, SD, and SD13 sizes. Una is the same as well, though she comes in white instead of normal resin. SD-F-01 is also the same as the SD mold, and SD-F-10 is the same as the SD13 mold. However, the SD Sweet Dream and SD16 versions have been different per girl.
Lucas, Chris, Kai and Theodore are the same mold. SD-F-16 (previously F-28), School A, Sasha, Masha, DWC01, Irvin-Kaelin, and Ernest are very similar as well. All are colloquially known as the Lucai family.
The D7 Limited head sculpt was later used for Lady Sylvie, however the Sylvie version does not have the pointed ears.
While Ken & Mika are the same mold in both MSD and SD, Volks has confirmed that their Yo molds are different. [s]
Williams’ SD13 and SD17 heads are different molds. [s] The Romantic Glance head based on the SD17 mold. The MSD head included with the Yo-Midi is different as well.
The mold for Okita Souji 2008 and Okita Souji 2010 are different; they are both based on Okita Souji himself, but they are entirely separate sculpts. The 2014 Romantic Glance is based on the 2010 version and the 2015 version is a re-release of the mold for the Best of the Best Selection.
Volks has displayed Yui Sweet Dream and SDM-F-18 as twins, so it’s probable that Yui is a sweet dream version of the SDM-F-18 mold.
Shizu was most likely updated for her SDGr G release, making the mold slightly different from Madoka. [s] It’s unknown as to whether the same mold is still being used for both girls.
Kei is a redone Maki. [s] This may be because Maki was from a manga, and Volks wanted to continue to use the sculpt without licensing fees. He was released with the 15th Anniversary Best Selection items and it was noted that this was at least because of the popularity of the Harajuku Memories line, but probably also due to the popularity of Maki.
Lorina, Jo, and Alice are the same sculpt. Beth is a Dreaming version.
Lorina II is a slightly redone Alice-Jo-Lorina sculpt, with a more open mouth. This mold was made for the Junichi Nakahara collection.
Mai is a sized-up F-33 (MSD) and Nico is a sized-up F-29 (MSD). They are exact copies made with 3D modeling software.
Reisner the Scarface is based on Reisner (SD); Cecile the Scarface is based on Cecile (SD).
The Black Jack sculpt is the same in both sizes.
SDM-F-11 – Nasha is the same sculpt as SDM-F-01 – Myu-Sakura-Maggie-Elza-Asami-Sundy except it takes optional ears (is a “fairy type”).
SDM-F-13 is the same sculpt as SDM-F-09 except it takes optional ears (is a “fairy type”).
SDM-F-25 is a sweet dream version of SDM-F-01 – Myu-Sakura-Maggie-Elza-Asami-Sundy.
SDM-F-28 is a sweet dream version of SDM-F-04 – Mire.
SDM-F-39 may be the same mold as Pinoko, but this has not yet been confirmed. [s]
SDM-F-42 is a sweet dream version of SDM-F-20.
SDM-F-57 is a sweet dream version of SDM-F-33.
SD-F-03 is a closed-eye version of SD-F-01- Kira-Megu-Nana-Sara-Una. This head is not a Sweet Dream or Romantic Glance; the eyes are not open at all and the sculpt does not have eyewells/cannot wear eyes.
SD-F-51 is a sweet dream version of SD-F-22 – Kun.
SD-F-52 is a sweet dream version of SD-F-35.
SD-F-66 is a sweet dream version of SD-F-42 – Elena.

SD-F-17 is noted to be similar to Cecile (SD). These are not officially related.
SDM-F-06 has been called a “mini-Anais”. These are not officially related.
Yuni has been noted to be similar to SDM-F-05.
SDM-F-21 has been noted to look like a younger sibling of Renee.
The SD G Origin body was created to look more like the original Oldskin SD G non-jointed body with a more pronounced back arch. [s]
While unconfirmed as a general rule, it’s likely that any time a sculpt moves between sizes it is technically resculpted. There are only a few confirmed cases (Williams, the four sisters, Nono, Mimi), but there has been evidence for others. Similarly, there is some evidence that most if not all dolls were resculpted during the move from oldskin to pureskin resin and that molds are simply updated from time to time with rereleases. If you are looking for exactly the same mold – please be aware of this!

Comparison Pictures