Limited: Rapunzel

Name: Rapunzel
Date: 11/24/19
Event: Volks Website Lottery
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Disney Princess Collection
Body Type: SDGr G
Resin: PS Pinkish Fair
Parts: Flat feet, option hands SDGr-H-04
Wig: Original style, DD size
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes, Green, 18mm (installed looking right)
Clothes: Volks Fullset
Price: 115000 (tax not included)
Includes: One-piece, petticoat, panties, pumps
Comments: New resin color. No order form for extra parts. Some promo pictures include heel feet, body blushing, and custom wig (not included). Also released on the Disney Store website on 12/28/19. Re-released online at Volks on 07/17/20.

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