The Volks Full Choice System (FCS) is a system in which the customer gets to design the doll they receive. FCS is available at Tenshi no Sato, Tenshi no Mado, and Tenshi no Sumika, along with a limited online system through their US site for customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico only.
Generally, Tenshi no Sato has the largest selection, followed by Tenshi no Mado, and finally Tenshi no Sumika. Information about available molds can be found on the FCS molds page.

FCS orders take about one month to ship for a blank doll and two months for one with a faceup. This is regardless of the other options chosen.

Basic Options/PricingResin OptionsEyes & AccessoriesServicesUSA SystemDiscontinued OptionsOld FCS system

Basic Options/Pricing

After a full closure of the system from 5/14/18-6/15/18, Volks changed the way pricing for FCS worked. Volks currently bases their pricing on the size of the doll offered along with the makeup option chosen. Each size can be ordered blank, with standard makeup, or with full custom makeup. Blank is the cheapest option and comes only with the doll, though any of the usual FCS options can be added on. Standard makeup includes eyelashes, a pair of eyes, a wig, and a care set. Custom makeup includes the above plus an extra set of eyes and a makeup photo, which can be used by Volks to fix the faceup should anything happen. The ability to get teeth painted in some molds (SD-F-23, SD-F-51, and SDM-F-20) was added on 12/1/12. As of 10/7/18, Volks added a new resin type Pureskin Ever Beauty (more details below); dolls ordered with this come with the same options as custom makeup.

Under this system, the following sizes are available; pricing as of June 2021:

  • SDM G or SDM B – 44,000 yen blank; 55,000 yen standard makeup; 85,800 yen custom makeup; 100,000 yen PS Ever Beauty
  • SD G, SD B SD13 G, or SD13 Tenshi – 78,980 yen blank; 89,980 yen standard makeup; 118,580 yen custom makeup; 160,000 yen PS Ever Beauty
  • SDGr B – 93,500 yen blank; 104,500 standard makeup; 132,000 yen custom makeup; 170,000 yen PS Ever Beauty

The following body types are available:

  • SDM-B-01 – SDM G, S bust [Sato release 6/28/2014; limited Mado release 2/7/15-3/31/15; Sumika release 9/19/15]
  • SDM-B-02 – SDM G, M bust [Sato release 6/28/2014?; limited Mado release 11/24/18 – 12/25/18]
  • SDM-B-03? – SDM B [Sato release 6/28/2014; limited Mado release 2/7/15-3/31/15; Sumika release 9/19/15]
  • SD-B-01 – SD G, S bust, non-jointed
  • SD-B-02 – SD G, S bust, jointed
  • SD-B-03 – SD G, M bust, non-jointed
  • SD-B-04 – SD B, non-joined
  • SD-B-05 – SD B, jointed
  • SD-B-06 – SD13 G, S bust
  • SD-B-07 – SD13 G, M bust
  • SD-B-08 – SD13 G, L bust
  • SD-B-09 – SD G, S bust, suwarikko
  • SD-B-10 – SD13 G Tenshi/Seirei (available in PS Normal and PS White only) [Sato only, released Oct 2009]
  • SD-B-11 – SD B, new jointed [Sato release 6/18/16, Sumika release 9/17/16]
  • [code unknown] – SDGr B body
  • [code unknown] – SDGr B 13 revival body [Mado release 03/01/24]

The SDGr G body has been made available as a limited run at Tenshi no Sato from 6/13/20-10/31/20. This was part of the Amabie promotion and came at an additional 22000 yen cost on top of the SD13 G fees. [s]

For the standard makeup selection, the following options are available. These are different per sculpt, but a general idea is listed below. Please note that these went through an update as of September 2021 as part of the 20th anniversary of FCS [see here]; the overall design ideas did not change but the specifics may have.

  • M-GM – Girly Makeup – designer/supervisor aone; soft girly pinks & browns
  • M-BM – Boyish Makeup – designer/supervisor Tsukimi; kind boys, can be more adult
  • M-EM – Ennui Makeup – designer/supervisor Ciera; like YumeTenshi Kasumi or SDGr Alice, lips emphasized, little bit sexy
  • M-AM – Animetic Makeup – designer/supervisor Saifa; anime-esque, emphasis on anime eyeliner & simple makeup
  • M-DM – Dark Makeup – designer/supervisor Tsukimi; dark gray/smoky makeup

As of June 2023, the eyelash program was updated. This costs 1650 jpy separately and includes 2 pairs of eyelashes glued into place. For order makeup, you can choose any 2 pairs you’d like; for standard makeup, they will include the standard option for your selection. [s]

Resin Options

At most FCS locations, only PS Fair or PS White are available. Tenshi no Sato also has PS Tan available; Tenshi no Mado usually has a limited ordering period during the summer as well (previous dates: 6/1/12-8/31/12, 6/12/13-8/31/13, 7/5/14-8/31/14, 6/10/15-8/31/15, 6/4/16-8/30/16, 6/3/17-8/31/17, 6/1/18-8/26/18, 6/1/19-8/25/19, 6/20/20-8/30/20, 6/19/21-8/29/21, 06/17/23-08/27/23). The Seoul Sumika also had one open period for PS Tan from 4/6/14 to 6/1/14.

As of 10/7/18, PS Ever Beauty was made available at Tenshi no Sato for ordering. This is a new resin type developed by Volks and Virginal Arts that is reported as having a much lower rate of yellowing versus regular PS while retaining the look, feel, and ability to be repainted of regular PS. [s] PSEB can be ordered in White, Fair, or Tan skin. [s]

There are a variety of arm, hand, leg, and foot options available. It’s assumed here that the SD13 B hands have passed into use as SDGr B hands.

Arm options:

  • SDM-A-01 (SDM normal arms)
  • SDM-A-02 (SDM muscular arms)
  • SD-A-01 (SD G original arms)
  • SD-A-02 (SD13 G original arms)
  • SD-A-03 (SD G double-jointed arms) [Sato release 3/14/15, Sumika release 9/16/15]
  • SD-A-04 (SD13 G double-jointed arms) [Sato release 3/14/15, Sumika release 9/16/15]
  • SD-A-05 (SD B double-jointed arms) [Sato release 6/18/16, Sumika release 9/17/16]
  • SD-A-06 (SD B double-jointed arms with muscular forearms) [Sato release 6/18/16, Sumika release 9/17/16]
  • SDGrB-A-01 (SDGr B normal arms)
  • SDGrB-A-02 (SDGr B muscular arms) [Sato release 3/14/15, Sumika release 9/16/15]

Hand options:

  • SDM-H-01 (SDM G default hands)
  • SDM-H-02 (SDM B default hands)
  • SDM-H-03
  • SDM-H-04
  • SDM-H-05
  • SDM-H-06
  • SDM-H-07
  • SDM-H-08
  • SDM-H-09
  • SDM-H-10
  • SDM-H-11
  • SDM-H-12 [Sato release 10/05/19]
  • SD-H-01 (SD G default hands)
  • SD-H-02 (SD B default hands)
  • SD-H-03
  • SD-H-04
  • SD-H-05
  • SD-H-06
  • SD-H-07
  • SD-H-08
  • SD-H-09 (SD13 G default hands)
  • SD-H-10
  • SD-H-11
  • SD-H-12 (SD13 Tenshi/Seirei Yugiri hands; Sato only, available only in PS Normal or PS White) [Sato release Oct 2009]
  • SD-H-13 [Sato release 6/18/16, Sumika release 9/17/16]
  • SD-H-14 [Sato release 9/17/16]
  • SD-H-15 [Sato release 9/17/16]
  • SD-H-16 [Sato release 9/17/16]
  • SD-H-17 [Sato release 10/05/19]
  • SD13B-H-01 (SD13 B/SDGr B default hands)
  • SD13B-H-02 (Shiro hands)
  • SD13B-H-03 (Tsukasa L hand)
  • SD13B-H-04
  • SD13B-H-05
  • SD13B-H-06 (SD13 Tenshi/Seirei Sakaki hands; Sato only, available only in PS Normal or PS White) [Sato release Oct 2009]
  • SD13B-H-07 [released 9/15/12]
  • SD13B-H-08 [released 9/15/12]
  • SD13B-H-09 [released 9/15/12]
  • SD13B-H-10 (gun hands) [released 9/15/12]
  • SD13B-H-11 [released 9/15/12]
  • SDGrB-H-12 [Sato release 10/05/19]

Leg options:

  • SDM-L-01 (SDM normal leg)
  • SDM-L-02 (SDM long leg)
  • SDM-L-03 (SDM suwarikko) [Sato release 9/19/15, Sumika release 9/17/16]
  • SD-L-01 (SD G/SD B normal leg)
  • SD-L-02 (SD G/SD B long leg or SD13 G normal leg)
  • SD-L-03 (SD G suwarikko; only works on SD-B-09)
  • SDGrB-L-01 (SDGr B 13 Revival type, 60.5cm) [note that before 03/01/24, SDGrB-L-01 likely refers to the regular SDGr B type, now SDGrB-L-02]
  • SDGrB-L-02? (SDGr B type, 61.5cm)
  • SDGrB-L-03? (SDGr B 13 Revival long type, 62.5cm)
  • SDGrB-L-04 (SDGr B long type, 62.5cm)

Foot options:

  • SDM-FO-01 (SDM normal foot)
  • SDM-FO-02
  • SDM-FO-03 (SDM tabi foot)
  • SD-FO-01 (SD G/SD B/SD13 G normal foot)
  • SD-FO-02 (SD13 G “high heel” feet)
  • SD-FO-03 (SD G/SD B tabi foot)
  • SD13B-FO-01 (SD13 B/SDGr B normal foot)
  • SD13B-FO-02 (SD13 B/SDGr B tabi foot)

Volks has also released magnetic ears/horns/head decorations. If these ears are selected as an option, the doll will come with Schpitt magnets in the headcap that they attach to. It’s unknown as to whether all FCS dolls currently come with the headcap magnets standard or if it is exclusively for those who choose this option. As of 9/21/19, owners could turn in their heads for “Schpitt processing” and receive back heads that are able to wear these. The prices are 11000 yen for SDM size, 15800 yen for SD G size, 16800 for SD13 B size, and 21000 for the Jewels heads (limited time only). This service is only available for heads who have been available with the Schpitt service. [s]
During a special release, all available options were orderable from Sato, Mado, and any Sumika location from 09/30/21-01/31/22. This included the FCS-OP-02 Love Spec style, but not the new coral or gold colors for FCS-OP-07.

  • FCS-OP-01 (realistic cat ears in black, white, brown, or blue-gray; 4500 yen) [Sato release Oct 2017, Sumika release 09/15/18; brown & blue-gray Sato release 06/08/19]
  • FCS-OP-02 (simple cute cat ears in black, white, brown, blue-gray, or “Love Spec” (white with hearts on the inside); 4500 yen) [Sato release Oct 2017, Sumika release 09/15/18; brown & blue-gray Sato release 06/08/19; Love Spec limited Mado release 02/06/20-03/31/20]
  • FCS-OP-03 (sheep horns in blue, pink, brown, or ivory; 4500 yen) [Sato release 9/15/18; pink and ivory limited Mado release 02/08/21-03/30/21]
  • FCS-OP-04 (droopy ears in black, white, brown, or blue-gray) [Sato release 06/08/19]
  • FCS-OP-05 (fox ears in gold or white) [Sato release 10/05/19]
  • FCS-OP-06 (fox ears in gold or white) [Sato release 10/05/19]
  • FCS-OP-07 (dragon horns in clear pearl white, clear pearl light blue, clear pearl coral, clear pearl light gold) [white/blue Sato release 03/19/21, coral/gold Sato release 10/08/21]
  • FCS-OP-08 (wildcat ears up in brown, light ash, yellow, white) [brown/ash Sato release 03/19/21, yellow/white Sato release 10/07/23]
  • FCS-OP-09 (wildcat ears down in brown or light ash) [Sato release 03/09/21]
  • FCS-OP-10 (white bear Shige-chan ears)

Eyes & Accessories

Besides what is already included with the doll, there are a variety of options available as add-ons. The first is Zoukei-mura made glass eyes, available sizes 14mm-22mm and the following colors:

  • GE-01 Kite Purple
  • GE-02 Blue Purple
  • GE-03 Golden Brown A
  • GE-05 Light Blue
  • GE-06 Golden Brown B
  • GE-07 Red
  • GE-08 Dark Blue Purple
  • GE-09 Dark Green
  • GE-10 Brown Gray A
  • GE-11 Dark Kite Purple
  • GE-12 Brown Gray B
  • GE-13 Dark Ash Gray
  • GE-14 Light Ash Gray
  • GE-17 Orange
  • GE-19 Blue A
  • GE-20 Blue B
  • GE-21 Blue Green
  • GE-22 Deep Sea Blue
  • GE-23 Indigo Gray
  • GE-24 Baby Pink [Sato only as of Sep 2009]
  • GE-25 Sax Blue
  • GE-26 Seaweed Green
  • GE-28 Pine Needle Green [Sato release Oct 2009, Sumika release Nov 2010]
  • GE-29 Light Pine Needle Green [Sato release Oct 2009, Sumika release Nov 2010]
  • GE-30 Amber [Sato release Dec 2009]
  • GE-31 Lilac [Sato release Dec 2009]
  • GE-32 Violet Wisteria [Sato release Dec 2009]

There are a variety of eyelashes available. White versions of WT-16 and WT-18 were released at all locations on 06/18/23. At the same time, the ability to have two sets of eyelashes installed at once was also released. [s]

In addition to these, customers can purchase FCS-exclusive wigs and clothing, along with the usual stands and other accessories. These change on a fairly regular basis but are usually not noted online and are specifically not included in US FCS, so this site will not be listing them.


As part of the FCS service, customers can get a variety of services performed on their dolls:

  • Sanding to remove any mold lines and smooth the resin [5250 yen for SD, 4200 yen for SDM]
  • Sanding for any additional optional parts [1575 per SD pair, 1365 yen per SDM pair]
  • UV coating to protect the resin; must get sanding as well [3150 yen for SD, 2625 yen for SDM]
  • Sueding to help with posing (this is with actual suede pieces) [5250 yen for SD, 3150 yen for SDM]

When eyes are selected, Volks can install them in a requested direction as well as straight ahead. Dolls will be strung and tension can be specified. Other doll doctor services are included as per usual.

USA System

Volks USA runs an online FCS system which first started in August 2014 after the physical location closed. This system is usually open for 10-14 days for ordering. For each period, there are usually 2 body sizes available, and five headmolds per size. This online system is far more restricted than the full FCS system. Body and arm options are bundled together for the SD size, so not every combination is available. The base price is for a blank doll; an additional charge is added for makeup, which also includes eyes. Makeup is only “boy” or “girl” makeup (or occasionally “natural” or “vivid” makeup) with no option for custom makeup, although the customer can choose whether upper eyes, lower eyes, and lips are glossed. Eye sizes included are usually only between 16-20mm, with 20mm usually being SD-exclusive. Additional eyes and FCS wigs and clothing are not available for purchase.

However, there are some options that have been available that have otherwise limited availability. For instance, the SD16 G body has regularly been available, which has only been otherwise available for limited periods at Sato. In conjunction with this, the Jewel molds (Pearl, Garnet, Ruby, and Amethyst) and the Amber resin color have been available. PS Tan is also regularly available. Many molds released are otherwise Sato-only.

Known open periods include the following:

Please email us at if you would like further information on this FCS service.

Discontinued Options

Along with discontinued sculpts (noted on the FCS molds page), Volks has had some different options over the years which have been discontinued:

  • SD13 B body (SD13B-B-01) – available from beginning of FCS; discontinued at Sumikas 1/31/16; discontinued at Tenshi no Sato & Tenshi no Mado 3/1/16
    The corresponding arms (SD13B-A-01) and legs (SD13B-L-01 & SD13B-L-02) were discontinued at the same time. Hands and feet are still available, as they are shared with the SDGr B.
  • SD13 B Tenshi/Seirei body (SD13B-B-02) – in PS Normal & PS White only; released at Tenshi no Sato Oct 2009, discontinued 3/1/16
  • MSD bodies (MSD-B-01 [MSD G, S bust], MSD-B-02 [MSD G, M bust], MSD-B-03 [MSD B], and MSD-B-04 [MSD G, S bust, suwarikko]) – available from beginning of FCS; discontinued at Sumikas 1/31/16; discontinued at Tenshi no Sato & Tenshi no Mado 6/18/16
    All corresponding parts were either discontinued or changed into SDM labels. Known parts included arm parts (MSD-A-01), hand parts (MSD-H-01 [MSD G default hands], MSD-H-02 [MSD B default hands], MSD-H-03 through MSD-H-07), leg parts (MSD-L-01 [normal leg], MSD-L-02 [long leg], and MSD-L-03 [suwarikko leg, only compatible with MSD-B-04]), and foot parts (MSD-FO-01 [normal foot] and MSD-FO-02 [tabi foot])
  • The SD G origin body has been put through limited releases; it was available in December 2012 at both Tenshi no Sato and Tenshi no Mado, 2/8/14-5/31/14 at Tenshi no Mado, and 06/08/19-08/26/19 and 03/13/24-04/14/24 at Tenshi no Sato.
  • The SD16 G body is released on a limited basis. The LA Sumika FCS, before its closing, had this available all the time. In addition, the online US FCS does keep this body in rotation. Tenshi no Sato has also released this body from 6/19/16-8/29/16, 11/26/16-12/25/16, and 6/17/18-8/26/18. All JP locations (Sato, Mado, Sumika) had SD16 G available for order from 09/30/21-01/31/22. When this body is available, it frequently is also available in PS Ebony along with the other known options.
    Known SD16 G parts include: bodies (SD16-B-01 [normal shoulders] and SD16-B-02 [feminine shoulders]), hands (SD16-H-01 through 07), and legs (SD16-L-01 [regular legs] and SD16-L-02 [heel legs).
  • Volks has discontinued a few eye colors: GE-04 (Light Green), GE-15 (Neodymium), GE-16 (Dark Orange), GE-18 (Light Orange), and GE-27 (Ash Violet). These were all discontinued in the Sumikas as of September 2009 and discontinued at Tenshi no Sato in December 2009.
  • After a full closure of the system from 5/14/18-6/15/18, Volks changed the way pricing for FCS worked. Pricing known prior to the closure is as follows:
    • MSD – 44000/$484 (2007), 49000/$539 (2010-2016)
    • SDM – 50000 (2016-2018)
    • SD & SD13 G – 76800/$845 (2007), 81800/$900 (2010-2018)
    • SD13 B – 84000/$902 (2007), 87000/$957 (2010-2016)
    • SDGr B – 95000 (2010-2018)
  • There were also ears available for the “fairy-type” sculpts. These were in place of regular human ears; they fit into slots on the side of the head and will not fit on non-fairy sculpts. One pair of choice was included with the head and extras could be purchased. Currently, none of these heads are available for purchase, so these options are also no longer available:
    • MSD-E-01 (fairy wing ears)
    • MSD-E-02 (cat ears)
    • MSD-E-03 (elf ears)
    • MSD-E-04 (monkey ears)
    • MSD-E-05 (long elf ears)
    • MSD-E-06 (dolphin fin ears)
    • MSD-E-07 (robot wing ears)
    • MSD-E-08 (robot ears)
    • MSD-E-09 (human ears) [Sato release Sep 2012, Sumika release Sep 2013]
    • SD-E-01  (long elf ears)
    • SD-E-02 (short elf ears)
    • SD-E-03 (dolphin fin ears)
    • SD-E-04 (medium elf ears)
    • SD-E-05 (long elf ears 2)
    • SD-E-06 (wing ears) [Sato only]
    • SD-E-07 (wing ears 2) [Sato only]
    • SD-E-08 (human ears) [Sato only]

Old FCS System

Some original Volks heads and other parts in the 1999-2004 range were sold loose, rather than officially as a standard or under the FCS system. [s] [s] It’s unknown as to when this was officially discontinued, but it could be assumed that the 2004 overhaul of the FCS system was also the end of these loose parts, as they were using the old head numbering system.

Volks ran an original FCS system for an indeterminate amount of time up until the Tenshi no Sumika Standard Fair 2004 on 10/23/04, when a complete overhaul took place. During this overhaul, head numbers were rearranged, the resin used changed to pureskin, MSD options were added, and the concept of “order” makeup i.e. entirely custom makeup was introduced. Other changes may also have taken place. The original order form can be seen here. Much of this information is from here.

In this system, the following options were available:

  • Heads:
  • Resin: OS Normal or OS White
  • Makeup:
    • M-01 – No makeup
    • M-02 – Standard makeup
    • M-03 – Natural makeup
    • M-04 – Urban makeup
  • Bodies:
    • B-01 – SD G, no joint
    • B-02 – SD G, jointed, S bust
    • B-03 – SD G, jointed, M bust
    • B-04 – SD G, jointed, M bust, thick/kimono waist
    • B-05 – SD B, no joint
    • B-06 – SD13 G, L bust
    • B-07 – SD13 G, M bust
    • B-08 – SD13 G, S bust
    • B-09 – SD13 B
  • Hands:
    • H-01
    • H-03
    • H-04
    • H-05
    • H-06
    • H-07
    • H-08
  • Arms:
    • A-01 – SD normal
    • A-02 – SD long (SD13?)
    • A-03
  • Feet:
    • FO-01
    • FO-02
    • FO-03
    • FO-04
    • FO-05
  • Legs:
    • L-01 – SD normal
    • L-02 – SD long
    • L-03 – SD slender
  • Eye sizes:
    • 18mm
    • 20mm
    • 22mm
  • Eye colors:
    • GE-01 Kite Purple
    • GE-02 Blue Purple
    • GE-03 Golden Brown A
    • GE-04 Light Green
    • GE-05 Light Blue
    • GE-06 Golden Brown B
    • GE-07 Red
    • GE-08 Dark Blue Purple
    • GE-09 Dark Green
    • GE-10 Brown Gray A
    • GE-11 Dark Kite Purple
    • GE-12 Dark Blue (?)
    • GE-13 Dark Ash Gray
    • GE-14 Light Ash Gray
    • GE-15 Neodymium
    • GE-16 Dark Orange
    • GE-17 Orange
    • GE-18 Light Orange
    • GE-19 Blue A
    • GE-20 Blue B
    • GE-21 Blue Green
    • GE-22 Deep Sea Blue
    • GE-23 Indigo Gray
    • GE-24 Baby Pink
    • GE-25 Sax Blue
    • GE-26 Seaweed Green
    • GE-27 Ash Violet