Ruby has not been regularly available for FCS ordering. However, this mold has been available for the 05/16 and 10/18 USA online FCS ordering periods, and has also been available for order at Tenshi no Sato from 06/17/18 – 08/26/18 for the 14th Anniversary.

Limited releases: Ruby

Name: Ruby
Date: 11/24/07
Event: LA Dolpa 1 2007
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Jewels
Body Type: SD16 G
Resin: PS Ebony
Parts: High heel feet, option flat foot parts
Wig: Original style, natural, DD size
Eyes: HG glass eyes, goldenrod with black line, 16mm
Clothes: Volks Fullset
Design: Saifa
Price: $1071.67 (tax included)
Includes: kimono dress, obi, obi belt, panties, pumps
Comments: Remainder sold on Volks website 11/1/08.

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