The number for this mold is 88. [s]

Limited releases: Reisner, the Shadow of Captain (SDM)

One-off releases: Volks USA Holiday Greeting Event 2014

Related sculpts: Reisner (SD)Reisner the Scarface

Name: Reisner
Date: 11/01/14
Event: Volks USA Holiday Greeting Event 2014
Release Type: One-off
Body Type: SDM B
Price: $682

Name: Reisner, the Shadow of Captain
Date: 10/05/13
Event: Oath of the Silver Coin 10th Anniversary Cruise
Release Type: Limited / Pre-order
Storyline:  Oath of the Silver Coin
Body Type: YoSD B
Resin: PS Normal
Parts: YoMidi-H-01, option R hand sword hand, YoSD-L-02
Wig: Original style, one-two fiber, SDM size
Eyes: HG glass eyes, ash with white line, 14mm
Clothes: Volks Fullset
Price: 66150 (tax included)
Includes: Hat, shirt, coat, pants cuff cord x 2, sword holder, shoes, Yo-Midi size captain sword
Comments: Yo-Midi. Originally available on the Kobe Cruise only. Order option form included the ability to order an SDM B body with SDM-L-02 long legs. Re-released at the Seoul Sumika on 11/30/14 (available with 2 extra wigs and the SDM body for extra fees), at LA Dolpa 2 on 09/05/15, at the Masquerade Ball Cruise 2017 on 04/16/17, at LA Dolpa 3 on 09/01/17 ($523, tea party exclusive, guaranteed with pre-order), at Dolpa 40 on 12/16/18 (part of the Best Selection lottery), and at Dolpa 43 on 06/06/20 (part of the Best Selection lottery).

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