Limited releases: Lorina II

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Name: Blouse Collection Fudo Lorina II
Date: 03/31/18
Event: Junichi Nakahara Special Event
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Character based on designs by Junichi Nakahara
Body Type: SDGr G
Resin: PS Normal
Parts: SDGr-H-01, heel feet, option flat foot parts
Wig: Original style, 6 dark brown, SD size
Eyes: Zoukei-mura glass eyes, GE-11 deep purple, 18mm
Clothes: Volks Fullset
Price: 124200 (tax included)
Includes: hair ribbon, ribbon tie, no sleeve blouse, gloves, bracelet, belt, skirt, underskirt, panties, pumps, bouquet
Comments: Due to this doll being sold under a department store rather than directly by Volks, the process was a little different than their usual lotteries, and an incident occurred where a reseller was able to purchase all 100 dolls released at one location by paying 50 separate people to wait in line and buy two each; he then paid for the entirety of the order himself. [s] In response to this, the other releases were changed to a lottery system, limited to one doll per delivery address, and limited to cash on delivery only (no credit cards). [s] [s]
This doll was re-released during the Junichi Nakahara Pattern Super Dollfie in Reiwa Spring on 3/14/20.

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