Limited releases: L’oiseau Bleu

One-off releases: Sumika 01/21

Name: L’oiseau Bleu
Date: 01/01/21
Event: Tenshi no Sumika monthly release (Osaka)
Release Type: One-off
Body Type: YoSD B

Name: L’oiseau Bleu
Date: 04/28/19
Event: Dolpa 41
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Journey to Dream Nights: Chapter 9 (The Blue Bird)
Body Type: YoSD B
Resin: PS White
Parts: YSD-H-01, double-jointed arms
Wig: Original style, mohair, YoSD size
Eyes: HG glass eyes, gray purple with black line, 14mm
Clothes: Volks
Price: 47000 (tax not included)
Includes: Hair ribbon, coat with tails and cape, frill pants, tights
Comments: After event sales were first-come first-serve, not lottery. Re-released on 10/31/20 as a lottery for VIP members only [s] and again for the Dollfie Online Store 1st Anniversary on 11/08/20 (Best of the Best lottery).

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