Limited releases: Asuka Ryou/Satan

One-off releases: Dolpa 32

Name: Asuka
Date: 12/14/14
Event: Dolpa 32
Release Type: One-off
Body Type: SDM B
Resin: PS Normal

Name: Asuka Ryou / Satan
Date: 12/22/13
Event: Dolpa 30
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Character from Devilman
Body Type: YoSD B
Resin: PS Normal
Parts: YoMidi-H-01, option R hand gun hand, YoSD-L-02, YoMidi neck parts, Satan transformation parts (3 pairs of wings)
Wig: Original style, synthetic mohair, ivory
Eyes: HG glass eyes, green gray, 14mm
Clothes: Volks Fullset
Price: 60900 (tax included)
Includes: Long coat, top, bell bottoms, shoes, gun, Satan robe, waist cord
Comments: Yo-midi. Schpitt magnets in back (like YoTenshi) and in headcap for wing attachment. Re-released at Tenshi Descend Fall 2015 on 09/16/15, Tenshi no Sato 14th Anniversary Fair on 06/16/18, and restocked on website 9/25/18. Still available as of 06/20/19.

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