This event was held on 12/06/09 in Tokyo.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (November 2009 Clothing Release)Next event (Sumika One-off Release 12/09)

Last Dolpa (Nagoya Dolpa 4)Next Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 7)

Last main Dolpa (Dolpa 21)Next main Dolpa (Dolpa 23)

Last clothing release (November 2009 Clothing Release)Next clothing release (Sato Private Party 12/09)

Doll releases:
Limited – SD16 Kira Original
Limited – Dolpa 22 Nana Sweet Dream
Limited – Minoru Kamimura Original
Limited – Eddie Original
Limited – Lillie Original
One-offs – SD16G Kira and Nana
Clothing releases:

SD High Mode Competition – Winners for The Maiden’s Promise design – Liz Perce Neige and Crystal Soleil Doll

Chibi Dress – Punk & Love Pants Set and Punk & Love Skirt Set

Black Label –
Checker Down Set
Nordic Down Set
Layered Down Set
Feminine Down Set
Black Alaskan Coat Set
Tight Gray Suit Set (74800 won)
Matte Black Suit Set (77000 won)

Pink Label – Velvet Peach Girl Set and Pink Coral Lady Set

Tenshi no Koromo –
Marshmallow Frill Casual Set (72600 won)
DF Lacrosse Player Set (99000 won)
AT Lacrosse Player Set (99000 won)
Beret & Blazer Uniform Set (66000 won)
Headband & Blazer Uniform Set (66000 won)
Athletic Set (60500 won)

Shoes – SB-SD16B-022

Furniture – Flower Crown Chair

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