This event was held on 12/23/09. The theme was Super Dollfie Christmas Party.

Clothing releasesDisplay item releases

Last event (Owners Appreciation Fair Christmas Party Korea 2009) Next event (Sato One-off Release 12/09)

Last Sato event (Sato Private Party 11/09)Next Sato event (Sato One-off Release 12/09)

Last Sato party (Sato Private Party 11/09)Next Sato party (Sato Party 11/10)

Last clothing release (Dolpa 22)Next clothing release (Volks News 36 Promo)

Next display item release (Sato Party 11/11)

Clothing releases:

Kyotenshi Ginpaku no I (7350)
Kotenshi Ginpaku no I (4200)
Yotenshi Ginpaku no I (4515)

Display item releases:

Mini Rose Series (945) and Pink Ornament (840)

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