This event began on 11/19/11. The theme was Under the Roses.

Last event (Sato One-off Release 11/11)Next event (Sumika One-off Release 11/11)

Last Sato event (Sato One-off Release 11/11)Next Sato event (Sato One-off Release 12/11)

Last Sato party (Sato Private Party 11/10)Next Sato party (Sato Private Party 09/12)

Last display item release (Sato Private Party 12/09)Next display item release (Mado Party 06/12)

Display item releases:

Rose Trunk L Komamegurumi Set (4830)
Rose Trunk L Okurumi Set (4200)
Rose Trunk M Display Set (1050)
Rose Trunk S Display Set (945)

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