This Dolpa was held on 03/14/10.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (Appreciation Fair in Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel 2010)Next event (Lalaport Showroom Renewal Opening)

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Last Kyoto Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 6)Next Kyoto Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 8)

Last clothing release (Appreciation Fair in Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel 2010)Next clothing release (Lalaport Showroom Renewal Opening)

Doll releases:
Limited – Toshizou Hijikata Original
Limited – Okita Souji (2010) Original
Limited – Little Lorina Original
Limited – White Rabbit Sweet Dream Original
Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – Basic 2 Set (White x Blue) (1470) and Basic 2 Set (Pink x Pink Polka Dot) (1470)

Blue Label – Natural Camisole & Shorts Set (Pink) (1680)

Pink Label – Flower Lane Shoujo Set and Tree House Shounen Set

Black Label – Graphite Mods Coat Set

Other – Gentle Mint Set and Shinsengumi Lucky Bag [by lottery only; contains SD Shinsengumi haori, gakuate, shinsengumi flag]

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