This Dolpa was held on 05/04/10 in Tokyo.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (Dolpa 23 Eve)Next event (Sato One-off Release 05/10)

Last Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 7)Next Dolpa (FDQ NYC Dolpa 4)

Last main Dolpa (Dolpa 22)Next main Dolpa (Dolpa 24)

Last clothing release (Owners Gathering in Tenshi no Sato 04/10)Next clothing release (Standard Release 05/10)

Doll releases:
Limited – Ran in Harajuku Ver
Limited – Hewitt 3rd
Limited – Chika Original
Limited – Kakeru Original
One-offs – SD13B PSN School D
Clothing releases:

SD High Mode Competition Winners – Sailor Style Dress (92400 won) and Serenade Rose (94600 won)

Chibi Dress –
Ahiru-san Pink Set
Ahiru-san Blue Set
Basic 2 Set (small flower print x white)

Pink Label – Shoka no Sawayaka Odekake Sailor

Blue Label – Peach Blossom Dress and Blackbird Jacket Set

Black Label –
Fur Corduroy Jacket Set
Rudo Stripe Shirt Set
Button Military Jacket Set

White Rose Collection – Natural Tunic Set

Other –
Natural Camisole & Shorts Set (Light Gray x small flower print)
Natural Camisole & Shorts Set (White x light blue border)
Tanktop & Boxer Pants Set (Navy x Border cloth)
Headphones (Brown)
Headphones (Black)

Shoes –

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