This event was held on 12/12/10.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (Harajuku Workshop Dolpa 24 Week)Next event (Volks News 40 Promo)

Last Dolpa (Osaka Dolpa 6)Next Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 8)

Last main Dolpa (Dolpa 23)Next main Dolpa (Dolpa 25)

Last clothing release (Komame’s Lil Lessons Vol 3 Promo)Next clothing release (Owners Appreciation Fair in Tokyo Bay Cruise 2011)

Doll releases:
Limited – The Young Ensign Williams
Limited – Daria Original
Limited – Ayumu 2nd Makeup Ver
Limited – Tanpopo 2nd Makeup Ver
One-offs –
SD13B PSW Kaelin
YoTenshi Yayoi
Clothing releases:

Designers Collection –
SD High Mode Competition winner Hyousetsu Hana
Classical Fur Jacket Set
Noble Stripe Pants Set

Blue Label – Winter Down Style

Pink Label – Black Sugar Coat

Shoes – SB-SD16-028

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