This event was held on 03/13/11.

Doll releasesClothing releases

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Last Dolpa (Dolpa 24)Next Dolpa (Dolpa 25)

Last Kyoto Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 7)Next Kyoto Dolpa (Kyoto Dolpa 9)

Last clothing release (Owners Appreciation Fair Tokyo Bay Cruise 2011)Next clothing release (Volks News 42 Promo)

Doll releases:
Limited – Gretel Original
Limited – Hansel Original
One-offs –
SD13B PSN Eden
SD13B PSW School A
SD13B PSN Williams
SD13G PSN Cyndy
SDB PSN Michele
SDB PSN Momoko
MSDG Toppi
YoSDG PSN Suzuna Sweet Dream
Clothing releases:

Designers Collection – SD High Mode Competition winner Usazukin-chan no Otsukai (7665)

Chibi Dress – Yoiiro Kimono Dress [Momo] and Yoiiro Kimono Dress [Kurenai] (both 5040)

Pink Label – Fairytale Clear Pink (6300) and Fairytale Spring Pink (6510)

Blue Label –
Fukafuka Mini Usagi-san Pajama (3360)
Fukafuka Usagi-san Pajama (3780)
Fukafuka Lion-san Pajama (3990)

Black Label – Layered Short Pants Set (6510) and Gothic Tailcoat Set (6825)

White Rose Collection – Ladylike Dress Set (6510) and Noble Lady Dress Set (7140)

Shoes –
SB-YOSD-045 (3990)
SB-YOSD-046 (3990)
SB-MSD-126 (4725)
SB-SD-151 (4410)
SB-SD-152 (5250)
SB-SD16G-029 (4725)
SB-SD16B-029 (7140)

Other – Dolpa Staff Jersey 2009 Ver (2520)

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