This Dolpa was held on 08/01/10.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (Osaka Dolpa 6 Eve Workshop)Next event (Standard Release 08/10)

Last Dolpa (FDQ NYC Dolpa 4)Next Dolpa (Dolpa 24)

Last Osaka Dolpa (Osaka Dolpa 5) – Next Osaka Dolpa (Osaka Dolpa 7)

Last clothing release (Volks News 39 Promo)Next clothing release (Standard Release 08/10)

Doll releases:
Limited – Charlotte Original
Limited – Lieselotte Original
Limited – Papi 2nd
Limited – Puff 2nd
Clothing releases:

SD High Mode Competition Winners – Punkish Cat and Monokuro

Other –
Pink Frill Baby Doll
Mint Frill Baby Doll
Marine Salopette Style
Feminine Marine Style
Sun Denim Overalls
Camisole & Shorts Set (Mizuiro Border x Mizuiro)
Natural Camisole & Shorts Set (White)
Tanktop & Boxer Pants Set (Rose & Navy Blue Border)

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