These items were released on 11/25/09.

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Last clothing release (Sato Private Party 11/09)Next clothing release (Dolpa 22)

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Clothing releases:

Wigs –
W-103 [SD size One-two Shaggy] in 16T Cream, 60 Pearl Silver, M613/100, choco Choco Purple (3990)
W-115 [SD size Long Shaggy] in 16T Cream, 60 Pearl Silver, 613 Ivory, M33/12 Rich Brown (3990)
W-117D [DD size Long Natural Wave] in B595 (4200)
W-129D [DD size Cool Shaggy Short] in M613/100  (3465)
W-131D [DD size Low Front Short Bob] in 2 Natural, 16T Cream, M613/100, choco Choco Purple (3465)

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