This release was on 10/24/09.

Last event (Sumika One-off Release 10/09)Next event (Sato One-off Release 11/09)

Last clothing release (Owners Gathering in Tenshi no Sato)Next clothing release (Sato Private Party 11/09)

Last monthly clothing release (April 2009 Clothing Release)Next monthly clothing release (November 2009 Clothing Release)

Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – Lion-San Set (52800 won) and Hitsuji-san Set (55000 won)

Black Label – Striped Vocalist Set (63800 won) and Skull Rocker Set (66000 won)

Blue Label –
Kouhai-chan Check Apron Set (63800 won)
Senpai Check Apron Uniform Set (57200 won)
Pearl Apron Maid Set (66000 won)
Cafe Style Set (63800 won)

Shoes – SB-SD16B-021

Wigs – W-133 [SD size Long Ringlets Pigtail] and W-135D [DD size Visual Shaggy]

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