This event was held on 08/23/09.

Doll releasesClothing releases

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Last Dolpa (Cancelled NYC Dolpa 4)Next Dolpa (Dolpa 22)

Last Nagoya Dolpa (Nagoya Dolpa 3) – Next Nagoya Dolpa (Nagoya Dolpa 5)

Last clothing release (Standard Release 07/09)Next clothing release (Standard Release 08/09)

Doll releases:
Limited – Michele Summer Night’s Phantom Ver
Limited – Mihmi Original
Limited – Rengemaru 2nd Makeup Ver
Limited – Suzuna 2nd Makeup Ver
Clothing releases:

Designers Collection – Blanc de Fleur and Noir de Fleur

Chibi Dress – Strawberry Rompers Set

Blue Label – Maiden Kimono Dress Set (Pink) and Maiden Kimono Dress Set (Nocturne)

Black Label – Dark Wolf Set and Silver Hawk Set

Pink Label – Bustier & Kitty Ears Set and Vest & Kitty Ears Set and Marshmallow Smock Set (Pink)

Shoes – SB-SD16B-020

Furniture – Two-Seater Sofa [E2]

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