This Dolpa took place on 12/16/12.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (Sumika One-off Release 12/12)Next event (Special Collaboration)

Last Dolpa (Sendai Dolpa 1) – Next Dolpa (Osaka Dolpa 7)

Last clothing release (Limited Release 12/12) – Next clothing release (Limited Release 01/13)

Doll releases:
Limited – Creamy Mami
Limited – Yu Morisawa
Limited – Kanon 2nd Makeup Ver
Limited – Neon 2nd Makeup Ver
Charity Auction – The Queen of Heart (SD16 G PS White Pearl)
Charity Auction – The Mad Hatter (SD17 B PS Shadow Reisner the Scarface)
One-offs – 
SD16G Amelia
SD13B Cecile
SD13B Eden
SD13B Tsukasa Konoe
SD13G SD-F-35
SD13G SD-F-52
SDG Luna
SDB Michele
SDG Shinku
MSDB Hewitt
YoSDG Nana Sweet Dream
Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – Daibutsu-san @ Kamakura Sanpo (5565) and Ajisai-chan @ Kamakura Sanpo (4515)

Designers Collection – 
Totekitai Drum Major Girl Set (5880)
Totekitai Drum Major Boy Set (5880)
Totekitai Wrap Skirt Set (5775)
Totekitai Frill Skirt Set (7140)
Totekitai Cape Set (7140)
Totekitai Napoleon Jacket Set (7140)
Totekitai Sash Skirt Set (7560)
Totekitai Sash Jacket Set (7875)

Pink Label – 
Whip Mint Cake Dress Set (5040)
Raspberry Chocolate Cup Dress Set (5040)
Raspberry Chocolate Cake Dress Set (6090)
Bitter Chocolate Cake Pants Set (6090)

Black Label – 
Black Baccara (6825)
Pretty Floral (6930)
Stylish Black Suit Set (6825)
Stylish Gray Suit Set (7140)

Blue Label – 
Navy Parka Jersey Set (4830)
Wine Track Top Set (4515)

Tenshi no Koromo –
Pink Cat Parka Set (5460)
Pink Corset Skirt Set (6825)
Frill Skort (998)

Shoes – 
SB-YOSD-060 (3465)
SB-MSD-139 (3675)
SB-SD-176 (4725)

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