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Last clothing release (Mado Golden Window Fair 2012)Next clothing release (Volks News 48 Promo)

Doll releases:
Pre-order – SDGou Yukinojo Sawaragi
Limited – SD17 Shiro Tachibana
Limited – Jun Tachibana 2nd
Charity Auction – SD16G PSN Ami Ayase
Charity Auction – SDGrB PSN Ryoya Konoe
One-offs – 
SD17B PSN Toshizou Hijikata
SD16G PSN Iris
SDGrB PSN Minoru Kamimura
SDGrG PSN Charlotte
SDGrG PSN Kazuya Kujo
SD13B PSN Cecile
SD13B PSN Isao Nanjou
SD13B PSN Tony
SD13B PSN Tsukasa Konoe
SD13G PSN Cyndy
SDB Masha
SDG PSW School B
SDG PSN Souseiseki
SDG PSN Sylvie
Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – Noir Rose One-piece Set (4410) and Noir Rose Tunic Set (4410)

Designers Collection –
Silver Bustier Set (6825)
Black Cross Bustle Set (7560)
Iron Blue Train Set (7560)
Goose Gray Cross Set (8610)

White Rose Collection – Evening Waltz (Peacock Blue) (7770) and Tealight Waltz (Baby Pink) (7980)

Black Label – 
Little Chinois Girl Set (5565)
Little Chinois Boy Set (5985)
Chinois Mini Dress Set (5880)
Short Chinois Top Set (6090)
Side Frill Chinois Dress Set (6300)
Chinois Gown Dress Set (6510)
Mermaid Chinois Dress Set (6510)
Long Chinois Dress Set (6510)
Red Chinois Mantle (2730)

Pink Label – Red Lotte Rose (6825) and Green Maple Theresa (6825)

Blue Label – 
Shirt [Colors: White, Pink, Blue, Gray, Cream] (1050)
Raglan T-shirt [Colors: Light Orange, Blue, Green, Orange, Gray] (840)
MSD Jean Jacket (1575)
SD Jean Jacket (1890)
Layered Top (1260)
Chino Pants [Colors: Black, Khaki Gray, Gray, Beige, Khaki Beige] (1575)
Blue Check Skirt (1890)
MSD Knee-high Socks (840)
SD High Socks [Colors: White, Black, Gray] (840)
MSD Over-the-knee Socks [Colors: White, Black] (840)
SD Over-the-knee Socks [Colors: White, Black] (1050)
SD13B High Socks [Colors: White, Black, Gray] (840)

Lingerie Box – 
Cherry Cami & Shorts (2520)
Flower Pattern Pink Bra & Shorts (3990)
Pink Polka Dot Bra & Shorts (3990)

Tenshi no Koromo – 
Sweet Devil One-piece Set (5985)
Sweet Devil Blouson Set (6510)
Akogare no Joisensei Set (6510)

Accessories – 
Headphones (Bibeat Blue) (3675)
Headphones (Bibeat Pink) (3675)
Mic & Mic Stand Set (Bibeat Blue) (3150)
Mic & Mic Stand Set (Bibeat Pink) (3150)

Shoes – 
SB-YOSD-056 (3990)
SB-MSD-135 (5040)
SB-SD-167 (4410)
SB-SD-168 (4410)
SB-SD16G-037 (4725)

Wigs – 
W-141D [DD size Mannish Short; Colors: 6 Dark Brown, 16T Cream, choco Choco Purple, Cinnamon Gold, Pink Brown] (3990)
W-143D [DD size Two Side Up Wave; Colors: 16T Cream, choco Choco Purple, B744 Peach Cream, Cinnamon Gold, Choco Brown] (4410)
W-145D [DD size Medium Bob; Colors: 2 Natural, 16T Cream, M33/12 Rich Brown, B744 Peach Cream, Biscuit Gold] (3990)
W-149N [MSD size Two Tail Roll; Colors: choco Choco Purple, Smoky Beige, B744 Peach Cream, Cinnamon Gold, Pink Brown] (4200)
W-152C [SDC size Two Tail; Colors: 6 Dark Brown, 16T Cream, 613 Ivory, Cork Brown, Pink Brown] (4200)

Furniture – Angelic Rose Chair I2 (31500)


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