These items were available during the Sato Christmas Fair 2012 and the Mado Christmas Fair 2012. They were released on 12/01/12 and 12/13/12.

Clothing releasesDisplay items releases

Last event (Mado Christmas Fair 2012)Next event (Sumika One-off Release 12/12)

Last limited release (Limited Release 11/12) – Next limited release (Limited Release 01/13)

Last clothing release (Sato Christmas Fair 2012)Next clothing release (Dolpa 28)

Last display item release (Sato Christmas Fair 2012) – Next display item release (Limited Release 01/13)

Clothing Releases:

Doll Trunk [L] (4200)
Doll Trunk [M] (3150)
Merry-Go-Round Box (3150)
Dollfie Christmas Gift Box (3150)

Display Item Releases:

Futatsuki Basket [L] (3360)
Futatsuki Basket [S] (2730)
Relief Box Gold (1050)
LED Candle in Gold or Silver (1575)
Iron Small Chair in Black or Ivory
Bird Round Mirror
SD Size Basket
Dollfie Christmas Card & Wrapping Set (368)

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