The fourth NYC Dolpa was meant to take place in 2009, but was cancelled due to flu outbreak. [s] There were seven one-off dolls stolen from the meeting room in 2008 [s], and it’s rumored that this played into the 2009 cancellation as well.

The dolls that were to be released at the Dolpa were put up on the FDQ site for purchase on 07/01/09 instead.

Last event (Komame’s Lil Lessons Vol 2 Promo)Next event (Standard Release 07/09)

Last Dolpa (Dolpa 21)Next Dolpa (Nagoya Dolpa 4)

Last US Dolpa (NYC Dolpa 3)Next US Dolpa (NYC Dolpa 4)

Doll releases:
Limited – Shizu Kimono Ver

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