Dolpa 16 was held on 12/24/06 in Tokyo.

Doll releasesClothing releases

Last event (Limited Clothes Release 11/06)Next event (Volks February 2007 Clothing Release)

Last Dolpa (Makuhari Dolpa)Next Dolpa (Osaka Dolpa 3)

Last main Dolpa (Dolpa 15)Next main Dolpa (Dolpa 17)

Last clothing release (Limited Clothes Release 11/06)Next clothing release (Volks February 2007 Clothing Release)

Doll releases:
Limited – Amelia Original
Limited – Kurt Original
Limited – Williams Original
Limited – Kurumi Original
Limited – Anne Sweet Dream Original
Limited – Piccolo Sweet Dream Original
Clothing releases:

SD – collaboration with h.Naoto – h.ANARCHY Dress Set (198000 won) and h.jelly & Honey Dress Set (173800 won) and Rockers H Baby Dress Set (220000 won)

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