This set was released on 02/01/07.

Last event (Dolpa 16)Next event (SD Owners Appreciation Fair 2007)

Last clothing release (Dolpa 16)Next clothing release (Osaka Dolpa 3)

Next monthly clothing release (June 2007 Clothing Release)

Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – Heart Romper (49500 won) and Wool Outfit (Girl) (63800 won) and Wool Outfit (Boy) (63800 won)

Black Label –
Hat & Check Pants Set (42900 won)
Monotone Check Dress (66000 won)
Red Check Punk Dress Set (62700 won)
Red Check Punk Jacket Set (77000 won)
Cargo Pants Set (55000 won)

Pink Label – Vest Dress Set (61600 won) and Polka Dot Dress Set (56400 won)

Shoes –
SB-YOSD-015 (41800 won)
SB-MSD-080 (52800 won)
SB-SD-099 (52800 won)
SB-SD13B-070 (41800 won)
SB-SD16B-004 (74800 won)

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