Limited releases: Lieselotte Galerie de l’esprit BONBON Fleur Rose Ver.

Related sculpts: Lieselotte (SD)

Name: Lieselotte Galerie de l’esprit BONBON Fleur Rose Ver.
Date: 08/20/23
Event: Nagoya Dolpa 8
Release Type: Limited
Storyline: Harajuku Memories
Body Type: YoSD G
Resin: PS White
Parts: YoSD-H-01
Wig: Original style, SDC size
Eyes: HG glass, perfume pink with black line, 14mm
Clothes: Galerie de l’esprit
Design: Ciera
Price: 66000 jpy (tax included
Includes: Galerie de l’esprit BONBON Fleur Rose Dress Set (“Fleur” macaron hat, “Decoration Rose” cape, ruffle lace blouse, “Mon Favori Rose” skirt, underskirt, panties, tights, kitten heel lace-up boots)
Comments: First release of improved YoSD body. Customers who ordered both Lieselotte and Luna at the same time also received YoNui Komame Gallery Print Dressup version.


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