These items were released on 11/12/11.

Last event (Sumika One-off Release 10/11)Next event (Sato One-off Release 11/11)

Last clothing release (Tenshi Descend Fall 2011)Next clothing release (Owners Appreciation Fair in Korea 2011 Wonder Party)

Last monthly clothing release (September 2011 Clothing Release)Next monthly clothing release (February 2011 Clothing Release)

Clothing releases:

Blue Label – English Tantei Set [Smoke Gray] (6510) and English Tantei Set [Sepia Gray] (6090)

White Rose Collection – Osanarabu Schoolboy Set and Osanarabu Schoolgirl Set (both 3885)

Black Label – Black Bustier Dress Set (7140) and White Tiered Dress Set (6825)

Tenshi no Koromo – White Princess Set (6300) and Amethyst Princess Set (6090)
*Release delayed until 1/1/12 due to production issues.

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