This event started on 11/28/10.

Last event (Nagoya Showroom Renewal Opening)Next event (Komame’s Lil Lessons Vol 3 Promo)

Last Sumika event (Nagoya Showroom Renewal Opening)Next Sumika event (Harajuku Workshop Dolpa 24 Week)

Last Sumika anniversary event (Seoul Sumika 2nd Anniversary)Next Sumika anniversary event (Osaka Showroom Renewal 1st Anniversary)

Doll releases:
Limited – Charlotte Original
Limited – Lieselotte Original
One-offs –
SD13B PSN Cecile
SD13B PSW Chris
SD13B PSN Lucas Sweet Dream
SD13G PSN Cyndy
SD13G PSN Madoka
SDG PSN Momoko
SDG PSN Ushiwakamaru

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