These items were released on 06/26/10.

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Last clothing release (Standard Release 06/10)Next clothing release (Standard Release 07/10)

Last monthly clothing release (February 2010 Clothing Release)Next monthly clothing release (September 2010 Clothing Release)

Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – Oyobare Vest Set (53900 won) and Oyobare One-piece Set (53900 won)

Black Label –
Chiffon One-piece Set (59400 won)
Classic Gray Suit Set (55000 won)
Classic Black Suit Set (55000 won)
Velour Tube Top Set (55000 won)
Black Shirt Suit Set (74800 won)
Silver Long Tuxedo Set (74800 won)
Wine Red Party Dress Set (74800 won)
Black Long Dress Set (74800 won)
Grace Black Suit Set (77000 won)

Shoes –
SB-YOSD-040 (38500 won)
SB-SD16G-023 (44000 won)
SB-SD16B-024 (74800 won)

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