This event was held on 06/22/08.

Doll releasesClothing releases

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Last owners appreciation event (Dream Huis Ten Bosch 2008)Next Appreciation Fair (Tokyo Bay Cruise 2008)

Last clothing release (Dream Huis Ten Bosch 2008)Next clothing release (November 2008 Clothing Release)

Doll releases:
School – School A
School – School A Sweet Dream
Limited – Ran Original
Limited – Kira (Yo) Original
Limited – Megu (Yo) Original
Limited – Nana (Yo) Original
Limited – Sara (Yo) Original
Charity Auction – SD17 B PSW Chris, A Future of Hope & SD16 G PSN Lovely Dreams Madoka
Clothing releases:

Wigs – W-357D in B552 Pink (46200 won)

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