Limited releases: Kanata

One-off releases: Kyoto Dolpa 11

Related sculpts: SD-F-47 – Kanata

Name: Kanata
Date: 03/15/15
Event: Kyoto Dolpa 11
Release Type: One-off
Body Type: YoSD B
Resin: PS Normal
Clothes: Hoppekoya
Design: Kinoko
Price: 54000

Name: Kanata
Date: 05/05/14
Event: Dolpa 31
Release Type: Limited
Body Type: YoSD B
Resin: PS Normal
Wig: Original style, choco choco purple, SDC size
Eyes: Acrylic eyes, CA-05 light gray, 16mm
Clothes: Volks
Price: 37000 (tax not included)
Includes: T-shirt, trunks

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