Kaede Sweet Dream

Limited releases: Kaede Sweet Dream

One-off releases: Sendai Dolpa 1

Related sculpts: Kaede

Name: Kaede Sweet Dream
Date: 08/12/12
Event: Sendai Dolpa 1
Release Type: One-off
Body Type: SDC G
Resin: PS Normal
Clothes: Pure Drop
Design: Rumina

Name: Kaede Sweet Dream
Date: 05/04/07
Event: Dolpa 17
Release Type: Limited
Body Type: SDC G
Resin: PS Normal
Parts: M bust, gripping hands, suwarikko
Wig: Original style, 4/27B, SDC size
Eyes: HG glass eyes, gray, 16mm
Clothes: Eiri
Design: MIKEY
Price: 56700 (tax included)
Includes: high neck long sleeved shirt, dress with apron, drawers, knee high socks, cherry polka-dot sandals

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