Limited releases: Kira Sweet Dream

DearSD releases: Tenshi no Mado Window Festa 2019 Halloween

One-off releases: Sumika 09/19

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Name: Kira Sweet Dream (My Dear Garden set)
Date: 10/03/19
Event: Tenshi no Mado Window Festa 2019 Halloween
Release Type: Coordinate Model
Body Type: DSD
Resin: PS Fair
Price: 65000 (tax not included)
Includes: Dress set, coordinate model certificate

Name: Kira Sweet Dream
Date: 09/22/19
Event: Tenshi no Sumika monthly release
Release Type: One-off
Body Type: SD G

Name: Kira Sweet Dream
Date: 08/20/06
Event: Nagoya Dolpa 3
Release Type: Limited
Body Type: SD G
Resin: PS Normal
Parts: Suwarikko
Wig: Original style, natural gold
Eyes: HG glass eyes, cobalt, 18mm
Clothes: Hoppekoya
Design: Valico
Price: 81900 (tax included)
Includes: white dress, white petticoat, broach, white panties, white tights, white choker, hair ornament, brown boots
Comments: Re-released at Makuhari Dolpa on 08/27/06.

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