SDM-F-11 is the same mold as Nasha. It is a fairy-type head that can use the optional FCS ear parts. SDM-F-01 is the same head but without the optional ears.

SDM-F-11 was released at the FCS renewal on 10/23/04. SDM-F-11 was available at all FCS locations until August 2009 and continued to be available at Tenshi no Sato until December 2009. It was available as part of limited releases at Sumika locations from May 2010 through July 2010 and at Tenshi no Sato from March 2013 through May 2013. This mold is not currently available.

Standard releases: Nasha

Coordinate Model releases: Tenshi Descend Fall 2013 (SDM-F-11)

Related sculpts: SDM-F-01 – Asami-Elza-Maggie-Myu-Sakura-Sundy

Name: SDM-F-11
Date: 09/21/13
Event: Tenshi Descend Fall 2013
Release Type: Coordinate Model
Body Type: MSD G
Resin: PS Normal
Clothes: Volks Fullset

Name: Nasha
Date: 12/09/01
Event: Dolpa 6
Release Type: Standard (Discontinued)
Body Type: MSD G
Resin: OS Normal
Parts: Cat ears
Wig: W-04 Curl, brown, MSD size
Eyes: Acrylic eyes, light green, 20mm
Price: 31290 (tax included)
Comments: Sold as a kit (to be assembled & given faceup by owner). Discontinued September 2010.

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