Pre-order releases: Sophie

Name: Sophie
Date: 05/24/19
Event: Yume no Hotel Akao in Atami
Release Type: Pre-order
Body Type: SDGr G
Resin: PS White
Parts: SDGr-H-01, flat foot parts
Wig: Original style, synthetic mohair, SD size
Eyes: HG glass eyes, tea rose with black line, 18/8mm
Clothes: Pink House
Design: Ciera
Price: 135000 (tax not included)
Includes: Dolly Rose Pattern One-piece Set (straw hat, corsage, long blouse, Dolly Rose pattern one-piece, long skirt, underskirt, panties, sandals), teddy bear bag, bag strap
Comments: Guaranteed for attendees. Re-released at LA Dolpa 4 on 9/7/19 (Tea Party only, guaranteed with pre-order, $1350). There have been reports of the red doll box causing stains. [s]

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