This release was on 09/15/12.

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Clothing releases:

Chibi Dress – 
Ezomomonga (Gray) (4725) [World Dollfie Cup winner]
Ezomomonga (Brown) (4725) [World Dollfie Cup winner]
Sweet Retro One-piece Set (5460)
Cutie Retro One-piece Set (5250)

Designers Collection – 
Asterisk Marine Boy Set (5670)
Asterisk Marine Girl Set (6090)
Asterisk Marine Blouse Set (6300)
Asterisk Sailor Salopette Set (6300)
Asterisk Sailor Vest Set (5880)
Asterisk Sailor Corset Set (6510)
Asterisk Sailor Jacket Set (7035)

Pink Label – 
Lacy Sailor Cardigan Set (6510)
Autumn Check Skirt Set (4935)
Sweet Lacy Shawl Set (4935)

Blue Label – 
Blouse (Princess Line) (1890)
Blouse (Frill) (1890)
Maxi Skirt (1680)
Check Skirt (2100)

Lingerie Box – Yawaraka Cotton Shorts Set [MSD] (1050) and Yawaraka Cotton Shorts Set [SD] (1050)

Shoes – 
SB-YOSD-059 (3990)
SB-MSD-137 (3675)
SB-SD-171 (3150)
SB-SD16G-040 (5040)

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